Wednesday, December 18, 2013

"A newborn baby has only three demands. They are warmth in the arms of its mother, food from her breasts, and security in the knowledge of her presence. Breastfeeding satisfies all three." - Grantly Dick-Read

I breastfed my firstborn for more than 2 years, and exclusively for over a year. But except in cars and planes, I’ve never ever nursed him in public. So yeah, planes memanglah sangat public sebenarnya but it was inevitable, I need to keep my baby full and/or asleep to ensure smooth plane rides. But other than that, no other public places. The reason? Amat sangat segan! And to tell you the truth, it was very tiring having to run around looking for baby rooms and/or more secluded spots to nurse him while he was wailing for milk. Stressful tau! Kasihan ibu dan anak!

As we all know, breastfeeding is feeding on demand and when a baby demands it, you can do no reasoning with the little creature; they have got to have it. And Hadi, well well well, he was a milk monster with little patience, phewww. 

Oh once, I even breastfed Hadi in the toilet at the USS, Singapore because the baby room was too damn far away from where we were. I am still ashamed of the fact that I was too penyegan that I had to feed my darling baby in a freaking toilet! Disclaimer: Singapore toilets are super clean though. But yeah, tetaplah toilet kan?! I'm not proud of it. Really.

So this time around, I told myself, no more. I shall not menyusahkan diri lagi. Nak segan apa? Rileks sudah. And the first time I nursed Noah in public was when we were still in pantang, curi keluar makan at Marche at The Curve. I did not have my nursing poncho with me but my shawl was wide enough to cover his tiny baby head and everything else. And honestly, the feeling was liberating! Satisfied baby, happy mommy. 

This was me yesterday, nursing Noah at Marco Polo while waiting for my Steak Sandwich to arrive. And by the time my food was ready, Noah was full and asleep. Bukankah membahagiakan?
Since that very first time, I bring my nursing poncho (given by my darling Ayin) everywhere I go and feed Noah anywhere suitable. People still give me the stares sometimes, but I couldn’t care less anymore. It is seriously way too convenient to NIP and once you get the hang of it, you’ll be like, yeah I’m feeding my baby with my boobies under this wide burkha underneath, if you have a problem with it, you can shove it up you know what. Yes, something like that.

It is funny how NIP dipandang serong especially in countries like the USA where most women are practically naked all day long. It is acceptable for girls to be frolicking around in their tiny bikinis and tank tops, to be wearing lingerie-like dresses to the clubs and what not, but it is not OK for a mom to nurse her hungry, innocent baby in public? Seriously?! More so if it is done discreetly, under a poncho or covered with a big shirt, how is that a problem? People who have problems with it, are you mentally retarded or too perverted that breastfeeding turns you on? Sheesh!

Damn right. Fellow mommies who breastfeed in public because you care more about the happiness of your babies and yourselves instead of how the minority retarded society feel about it, I salute you! 


Ayuni Ayatillah said...

Totally. Heheh. I am kinda penyegan to do it in public too, but with my nursing cover/poncho I'd do it anywhere. To hell with people who stare. Haha.

What do you think about mommies who just bare it out though, like carefreely? Yay or nay? It's always tricky there too, I gotta admit.

AyinEmran said...


Amyz Azlie said...

Sangat betul. Perempuan pakai baju nampak segala lurah tu tak dimarah, tapi perempuan NIP dicakap lucah pulak. Wth?

Kita dah cover baikkkk punya pun still ada org yg pandang lain. Ini yang saya benar2 tak faham.

Nak nursing room ada di setiap level mall macam toilet. Dan cantik. Bukan dalam AEON, di tempat baju budak2 je. Pffbbtt!

Nida Shaari said...


Tapi, pengalaman kakak, NIP kan Muhammad amatlah senang sebab dia jenis belasah je tak kita tempat suasana mahupun suhu atau berada di bawah nursing cover... janji dapat sudah.. dan boleh tidur selama yang dia mahu..

Berbeza dengan Muaz ni yang memang nak kena sejuk, sunyi dan aman tak boleh duduk bawah nusing cover, tapi kalau without cover mesti nak hisap then pandang keliling dan ulang perbuatan tu suka-suka hati..

huhu.. lalu sekarang ni kakak pakai nursing blouse, dan babywearing. mujur lah semakin ok.. dan kakak pun happy bila bershopping.. kikiki

Anonymous said...

It's acceptable if the mommy has the decency to be well covered whilst she breastfeeds the baby, but I'd witnessed several occasions where the *%$ are clearly visible to the public at large when the babies were breastfed. That is a DEFINITE NO-NO.....I guess that's the reason why I am quite averse to NIP. Just my 2 cents' worth...


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cdalan said...

i nursed my baby kat tram station. wtf?

cdalan said...

i dont carry poncho/shawl. lama2 u expert edi!