Tuesday, February 04, 2014

"There are certain things you learn to do as a parent - using every single part of your body because you're multitasking all the time. You're holding the baby and you're closing the door with your left foot." - Amy Ryan

I like our new stroller so much it deserves an entry. And it’s not even Stokke, Bugaboo Bee or its kind. 

With Hadi, we used Quinny Buzz, which, although was very sturdy and comfortable, is a pain in the ass in terms of handling and storage. Bulky weh. Tapi memang cun dan melenakan. We still have it stored at my MIL’s. We also have one Mothercare umbrella stroller, which has been a big help to so many other people as well. 

This time around, my specs were a stroller that can be umbrella-folded, easy to handle (which is very very important especially if you're alone with two kids in tow), can be fully reclined for infants and CHEAP without compromising quality and looks. And I found Halford Fliplite

It’s just a simple stroller, really. Entah kenapa aku suka sangat. Perhaps because I got it on sale at only around RM290.00 from Baby Cottage (RP is around RM460) and that it fits all specs that I needed. 

My reviews? (1) Umbrella fold, easy storage di bonet kereta apapun. (2) It has 4 positions seat recline, and yes can be fully reclined for newborns (not totally flat macam infant strollers but reclined secukupnya). (3) Shopping basket kat bawah, but if you fully reclined the seat, the basket becomes not accessible, lalu susah sikit to letak barang. Not a big problem though. (4) Lockable wheels, which is important. (5) It has ‘windows’ on the side and above, which you can unzip which allows your child to look out through netting and vice versa. 

(6) The material nipis sikit, so for babies, I’d recommend you to letak blankie, comforter or buy something like this body support, so that comfy lebih sikitlah. But my Noah is such a good sport, as long as cukup susu and tak panas, he’d sleep anyway. That's what small babies do pun kan. Hehe.

(7) Oh it says it can hold up to 18 kg which I think is true because this big baby Hadi of mine weighs a whopping 17kg! 

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