Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Chug! Chug! Chug! Riding the rails! Chug! Chug! A traintastic crew!
Honk your horns! Choo! Choo! Choo! Choo! Chuggington!

I’ve seen Chuggington on TV before and honestly, tak kufahami apa yang seronok sangat tentangnya. Hahaha. Mungkin dah tua. But most boys I know love everything about trains and Chuggington is nothing but that. So when Yatt asked me to choose between Upin & Ipin, Pocoyo and Chuggington for her DC order (all of which are her bestie’s son’s favourite shows), I immediately got excited over the prospect of a colourful Chuggington-themed DC. Here’s the super fun Choo Choo! Diaper Cake for the 2-year old boy, Iman Yusuf!

Choo Choo! Diaper Cake

Price: RM160.00
Occasion: Baby's Second Birthday

First Choice Diapers, Size XL
1 Chuggington Traintastic Stories Book
1 Chuggington Traintastic Crew VCD
1 Chuggington Old Puffer Pete Die-Cast
A pair of Bubblegummers shoes (requested)
Chuggington-theme birthday snippets
Lots of choo choo choo fun!

Here’s another one that I baked last week, for Karamah. It is on its way to Selangor now and as always, berharap agar ia tiba dengan selamat and perfectly intact. For a baby girl who was born earlier this month, a hot pink DC I named Hot Pink Bunny DC!

Hot Pink Bunny Diaper Cake

Price: RM150.00
Occasion: Newborn Baby Girl

Drypers diapers, size S
1 Bumble Bee baby blanket
1 Carter's Silky Soft Musical Tug Pal (Pink Rabbit)
1 Mothercare long sleeve tee
1 Anakku rattle
1 baby handkerchief
A pair of Primark prewalker shoes
A pair of MIGO baby hair clip
1 Carter's baby bib
Ribbons, embellishments and snippets
Lots of girly whirly pinky fun!

Thank you for your order, girls. I had so much fun baking them for your loved ones. Keep your love, support and orders rolling in my way, people! Go to my Facebook page, Diaper Cake & Such or contact me at jumjumatun(at)yahoo(dot)com for any enquiry and order. XOXO!


far said...

omg lawanya!! umar jerit ugiton (chuggington) haha.. akan ku order satu!

Marliza Radzi said...

Alolo Umar comel!

karamah said...

wow!tersangat2 puas hati tau! silap2 hari bulan tak terbagi DC ni kat baby tu, rasa nak buat koleksi sendiri pulak;) heheee

Thanks berlemoooooon2 Marliza!:)

Marliza Radzi said...

Yeay :D Karamah, bila dah dapat nanti, let me know k :)

sharel said...

coolness! you've got mail! at email tulang..eh.?

Marliza Radzi said...

Sharel: Received & replied! 1 Disney Cars DC for Umayr, insyaAllah! :D