Thursday, June 23, 2011

A baby is sunshine and moonbeams and more
Brightening your world as never before.

Demi menyucikan blog picisan ini dari unsur negatif keterlaluan, marilah kita kembali kepada kegiatan gembira yang menghasilkan perkara comel (not kegiatan Khamis malam Jumaat lah, you perverts! Haish) Another two Diaper Cakes I baked this week!

The first pink one is ordered by my fellow STF99er, Rom for her cousin, who is expecting a baby girl. Harapnya memang baby girl yang keluar! Sebab kawan Ayu, the one I baked the Fast Cars DC for, well, her baby turned out to be a girl! Gasp! Ayu and I have worked out on an arrangement, nantilah diceritakan. Malas. Hahaha. Well anyways yeah, I hope her cousin likes it as much as Rom does :) I adore the plush cow mucho mucho much!

Moo Moo Diaper Cake

Occasion: Newborn Baby Girl
Price: RM150.00

Huggies Size S
1 Bumble Bee baby blanket
1 Living Quarters Cow plush toy with fleece blanket
1 Carter's romper
A pair of leg warmers
1 crochet headband
1 Kidz Room reusable iron-on cow patch
Snippet, ribbons & embellishments
Lots of cuteness & soul!

The second DC, which is heavy on bold hues of red and blue, is baked for Zu’s friend’s son, who is turning one this Saturday. I was given waaaaay short notice and I had to work with whatever it is I can find. I think it turned out quite OK, given the minimal time that I have. Hehehe. Harapnya kalian sukalah. It has been shipped out today; I hope it will reach them before the party.

Daddy's Little Hero Diaper Cake

Occasion: Baby's First Birthday (Boy)
Price: RM150.00

Huggies Size L
2 baby blankets
1 Mothercare 'My Daddy Is Cool' long sleeve tee
1 Children Doodle Book: Vehicles
3 mini Playskool Tonka trucks
1 Monril Superman bib
A pair of shoes
Snippets, ribbons & embellishments
Lots of colours, guts and fun!

Yeah, as usual, go to my Facebook page,
Diaper Cake & Such or contact me at jumjumatun(at)yahoo(dot)com for any enquiry and order. XOXO!


AyinEmran said...

Patutlah comel, Living Quaters punya rupanya (lembu itu).

yunik said...

beb, camne ko pos? puas aku fikir. boleh? haha

ayin, bila kita nak buat bisnes pulak ni? asyik jadi buyer je haha

Marliza Radzi said...

Ayin: Bukan, brand dia apa entah, aku cabut tag lupa tengok, aku beli kat Living Quarters tapi banyak tempat jual benda sama.

Yunik: Wrap tightly with bubble wrap, letak dalam gift box, courier :)

Ninie said...

Am, you should handwrite most of the cutesy stuff yourself, nesti tulisan tak berubah sejak STF kan! Mesti bertambah sangat comel, tak sabar nak order!

far said...

gin, chuggington byk kat toysrus. jusco pun ade. hp prob x leh reply..

Marliza Radzi said...

Ninie: Ada juga rasa nak buat, tapi tak cukup yakin dengan tulisan sendiri. Heh.

Kin: Aku dah beli :)

Dean Kenville said...

gin, chuggington byk kat toysrus. jusco pun ade. hp prob x leh reply..