Thursday, October 14, 2010

What soap is to the body, laughter is to the soul.” - Yiddish Proverb

Did you notice that Hollywood recycles their 30-minutes comedy actors all the time?

Rita of Rita Rocks is the dog/Arthur-walker from King of Queens. She also appeared on Scrubs a couple of times. Rita’s husband, Jay is the guy from Two Guys, A Girl and a Pizza Place. Yeah, he was the main character in the show but Ryan Reynolds made it bigger. Poor thing.

Even Doug of King of Queens used to have recurring side roles in Everybody Loves Raymond as one of Ray’s buddies. And Doug’s wife, she was almost cast as Monica of FRIENDS. And had appeared in one of the episodes, remember? As the pregnant lady Joey had a crush on?

And Joey of FRIENDS is Joey of Joey. Not a fan.

But I’m a fan of Everybody Loves Raymond! Marriage issues, witty sarcasm – what’s not to love? And yes, you should already know by now, that I’m like the biggest fan of FRIENDS.

And of course, Monica of FRIENDS is Jules of Cougar Town.

Jules’ employee, Laurie once appeared in How I Met Your Mother as one of Ted’s conquests. Barney is the legendary Doogie Howser and Lily was in Veronica Mars and That 70’s Show. Stella, Ted’s love interest in Season 4 is Elliot Reid, the neurotic doctor from Scrubs.

And yes, Jules’ best friend, Ellie is also Jordan, Perry’s sarcastic wife in Scrubs.

Oh anyways, I love love love How I Met Your Mother! New York, friendship, intelligent jokes – what’s not to love? And Scrubs is one of my favourites as well.

David Spade who plays Russel in Rules of Engagement was also in Just Shoot Me and 8 Simple Rules. The guy who plays Jeff is the anchorman in Less Than Perfect. His wife, Audrey also played Claudia, the cool mom in Grounded for Life.

By the way, I like Jeff. He reminds me of my husband. A lot. Hahaha.

Ronda, who played Claude’s best friend in Less Than Perfect has appeared in so many TV shows but the one I remember the most is her role as Robert’s partner in Everybody Loves Raymond. And don’t get me started on Andy Dick; he’s everywhere, he even has his own reality TV show.

Billie of Accidentally On Purpose was Dharma of Dharma & Greg. While I’m not a fan of the former because I think everything about the show screams ‘trying too hard’, I used to adore everything about Dharma & Greg. Oh and Billie’s best friend, Olivia, was Betty’s best friend in Ugly Betty. I like her thick Scottish accent.

The conclusion to the above finding: I watch too much TV.


Wa aka Wawek aka Siti ;) said...

Whoa!! You really know your stuff, Sis!! I'm really impressed! No harm in too much TV, I'd say! ;) Ta!

reena said...

Sembah ratu! Confirm too much tv! Haha.

And omg i like Everybody Loves Raymond. (Almost) everything about marriage ada dalam tu. Heh. Like King of Queens too.

I used to like Scrub but i love House!

But nahhh, i never like Friends.

Marliza Radzi said...

Kak Wawa: Hahaha am a huge fan of 30 minutes comedy ;)

Reena: I thought you'd like FRIENDS! Because it is set in NY? Heh.

AyinEmran said...

i'm glad someone made an entry about this. wah tahap glad? hahaha.

aku suka HIMYM, plis. And i miss FRIENDS, wpun ada softcopy. haha.

Marliza Radzi said...

Ayin: Suka HIMYM kan please kan? Haha. Memang, kalau ada DVD pun macam lagi best kalau tengok yang TV tayang. Saiko.

Y- A-T-T said...

suka sgt HIMYM tu. tengok tak yg latest one ni? suka muka barney masa dia turunkan tangan bila robin bgtau dia kena pindah japan... pastu muka semua org masa tu... and termasuk muka aku juga. heh.

suka sangat lah. friends tu pun. semua suka. kalau repeat banyak2 kali pun, aku tgk jer walaupun dah tengok sebab tetap kelakar.

nurul said...

aaa.. suke entry ini. baru discuss (mcm meeting kat ofis plak) ngn hubby pasal ni. peminat setia series in starworld n fox ye.
just to add, Ed in Ed is also J.D's brother in Scrubs, Courtney Cox (Monica of FRIENDS) also in Scrubs as one of the doctor sekejap, and Greg of Dharma & Greg is in Criminal minds (ok, tak masuk topic 30 mins comedy, and Charlie - Henry's gf in ugly betty also in Glee (tak masuk topic juge)

FrH said...

hahaha. that is sooo cool.
i pn tgh kemaruk layan HIMYM (type sambil layan HIMYM jugak ni).

madam teacher said...

tgk x episod Everybody Loves Raymond, yg Robert & Amy celebrate their 3rd month anniversary? senyum jek dgr marie's words mase tu.

madam teacher said...
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sharel said...

How I Met Your Mother and Scrubs (the ol ones)! Todd's High Five!

Baru je complaint about the idiot box the other show after another..last-last pergi kerja mata bengkak-bengkak..

'teghuk' dah hang ni..

Marliza Radzi said...

Yatt: Kesian Barney. Tapi psssttt, Robin tak jadi pindah. Spoiler!

Nurul: Yes all that too! But yes, bukan sitcoms. Hehe.

FrH: HIMYM memang best!

Madam Teacher: Yang mana eh?

Sharel: Kah kah in my defense, I only watch 30-mins sitcoms ;P Tapi memang teruklah ASTRO asyik ulang show.

maycatdecal said...

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