Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Carrie: "Honey, if it hurts so much, why are we going shopping?"
Samantha: "I have a broken toe, not a broken spirit.”
- From Sex and the City

A colleague sent me the link to her cousin’s online shop selling cloth diapers and handmade shoes and I found myself immediately clicking on the link and wanting the oh so adorable handmade baby shoes. Then I asked myself, does Hadi really need a pair of handmade shoes? Well, they’re cute and would be a perfect match to baju melayu. The designs are unique. Maybe he can wear them at his uncle’s wedding. Hadi only has 3 pairs of pre-walker shoes. Yes, all sorts of alasan were created by myself to justify my fancies. But does Hadi really need them?

Does Hadi really need the handmade quilt I ordered from Snazzy & Such? Do I need the cardholder I bought from Gin & Jacqie? Why do I want that adorable diaper bag from Gin & Jacqie when I already have 2 diaper bags? 4 sebenarnya (gifts of course) but I only use 2 and both are in perfectly good condition. Does Hadi give a damn if his GAP sandal is authentic or discounted from factory outlet? Do I really have to get them shipped from the States via Melissa's Wardrobe? Why do I have to respond to every Facebook announcements made by Aida Joseph on Children's Place sale? Asal nampak Below RM40 je teruja.

In my defense, a handmade quilt is a treasure and since I have tangan kayu and cannot sew to save my life, I had to have them ordered. A cardholder is a must supaya wallet tak gemuk, just to simpan all the membership cards that I rarely use. And the one from Gin & Jacqie is super cute. In fact, all of its stuffs are. I want them all. Including the diaper bag, please. Lagi, an authentic good lasts longer. At least I’d like to think so. And Below RM40 babies apparels is not that expensive and baby boy t-shirts from Children's Place are just too cute to resist. Ngeee.

Well, most of my online buys are keperluan anyways. Breastfeeding accessories like milk storage bags and breast pump spare parts are keperluan. My recent purchases were keperluan; Nosefrida nasal aspirator nose sucker for Hadi’s blocked nose, Tommee Tippee Roll & Go spill catcher bibs to make it easier to clean up the mess after solid feedings, Earth Mama Angel Baby bottom balm for Hadi’s rashes and a nursing bra for myself. Bukankah keperluan semua itu?

And the long cardigan I’m wearing today (it’s Casual Wednesday here at the firm; we get to wear jeans, but with the firm’s official t-shirt of course) is from Get Gorgeous. Keperluanlah kan? Untuk tutup aurat; lengan dan bontot. Kih kih kih.

I heart online shops. The whole world is at your fingertips. But I try not using credit card, to avoid over-spending. Kalau buat bank transfer, kita akan menyedari jumlah wang yang ada lalu ukur baju di badan sendiri. Kalau credit card, ada potensi untuk melangkaui kemampuan diri, walaupun sebenarnya ialah seorang yang kedekut.

The Spanx I bought from Shopping Queen is essential. While it may not help me get slimmer faster, it serves its purpose to hide my bulging lemak sana sini when I need them hidden. Mosquito repellent and patches for Hadi are must haves sebab budak kenit itu berdarah sangat manis; while nobody else kena gigit nyamuk whatsoever, dia kena gigit 2-3 tempat. And of course I had to buy that adorable sailor-inspired swimsuit here; it was selling at only RM18 when it is normally retailed at more than RM60! In fact I saw the same swimsuit selling at this one famous online shop for RM59.99. Merasa bangga *smug smile*

Oh my ultimate defense has got to be that I do not live in KL where everything is everywhere and thus, online shops are heaven-sent. Terima kasih.

The truth is, online shopping is DANGEROUS. But I want that adorable Pupsik baby sling I saw on LittleWhiz. And that body suit from Spanx. And that baby boy jubah from Liz Othman store. And of course that Lulu Baby diaper bag from Gin & Jacqie. And that Mambo baby float. And oh, that adorable handmade crochet hat, even though my baby is a boy. Damn, I’m damned.


YATT said...

wah... banyaknyer online shops yg ko tau... sila sediakan list untuk aku. yeay yeay.

reena said...

Kak Yanti, how MANY diaper bags u need??? Hahahaha.

AyinEmran said...

hahaha, a retweet that turn into an entry.

kenapa takde link sume2 online shop ni ha? (marah)

Ana said...

Another point to justify parents the lovess push us to invest a lot for our little cute chubby baby..huhu..same happen to me..few days before 'hari gaji' mind already prepare long list what to buy for dearest innocent baby..erghh

Marliza Radzi said...

Yatt: Haha baby shops yang aku selalu frequent are Little Whiz, Fabulous Mom & One Baby World. Yang lain selalunya terjumpa or suggested by others.

Reena: I know right! Saiko.

Ayin: For you I will. Nanti bila free aku includekan link ;D

Ana: Good justification! Hahaha.

twayblade said...

bawak2 mengucap, marliza radzi. hehe.

Lyn said...

Adorable sailor-inspired swimsuit- Nak tau beli ni dari mana, please?

Marliza Radzi said...

Ida: Baiklah :P Nasib baik keinginan bukanlah Coach handbag atau Prada wallet. Hanya barang-barang bawah RM200. Kih kih.

Lyn: Tapi limited stock. Kalau yang mahal kat Baby Loft :P

neqyan said...

aku ade puksik comes in handy kalo nak buat housework.come n join us at malaysian babywearer where u can drool at baby carriers.racun racun

kano said...

pergh!! kalo dah nak beli, takyah justify!haha!!

Marliza Radzi said...

Neqyan: Memamg nak a baby pouch for that purpose pun. OK eh Pupsik? *termakan racun*

Kano: eh mesti kena justify dulu :p

neqyan said...

pupsik ok, tp i hard hotsling is better.n they have better price pon "ehem"

n btw, i have ssc on sale.have to many now.can use for back carry, easier to do chores

check out their website, byk lg carriers on sale ;)racun

Marliza Radzi said...

Neqyan: Terus klik (senang sangat termakan racun)

hudanesz said...

oh i soo heart online shopping, terus 'favorites' kan your links..dan of course terus rasa nak shop secara secepat mungkin..

yunik said...

omg marliza. bestnya gaji banyak!

Marliza Radzi said...

Huda: Haha share your links too!

Yuni: Takpun!!! Tengoklah, aku beli baju RM18 je :P