Monday, October 25, 2010

And in the end, it's not the years in your life that count.
It's the life in your years
.” - Abraham Lincoln

My dear Husband turned 28 last Friday. He was busy with his new PS3 Move (his birthday gift for himself) when sharp at 12, our darling Hadi woke up, demanding to be comforted; so I had to juggle between holding a sobbing baby on one hand and lighting up candles on the other. No sweat, I’m good at multi-tasking, remember? Heh. With Hadi already asleep on my shoulder, we made it to the hall and there he was, our most favourite guy in the whole wide world, playing Resident Evil with utmost passion one could muster. Kah kah. With an out of key birthday song and sloppy kisses, I wished him a happy 28th birthday. I have been 28 for 7 months by then, I felt like a cougar. We spent the first hour of his birthday enjoying the delicious BR ice cream cake, rocking Hadi back to sleep and watching him being killed by zombies.

The next morning, we woke up to Hadi’s sweet chuckles and I felt my heart glowed with warmth and shukr. We then spent the whole day just the two of us, which was really nice and refreshing. Most parents would understand the feeling, I guess. I finally got to go to the cinema after more than 5 freaking months! And RED was badass-fun! Yes, we did nothing fancy; went to our favourite BBQ place, watched movie, strolled around the mall looking for the birthday gift I wanted to get him and that’s about it. It was so much fun nevertheless. We wrapped up his birthday celebration with a belated birthday buffet dinner at Thistle last night, where lobster was scrumptious and Hadi was a hit with the waitresses. Our son, the heartbreaker in the making.

Here’s to an awesome husband, a great dad and a wonderful friend. Remember darling, “growing old is mandatory but growing up is optional.” We love you more than love! XOXO, Wifey & Son.


reena said...

Happy belated birthday Tuan Daud!

May Allah bless u, Kak Yanti & Hadi always :)

AyinEmran said...

Bestnya. I still waiting for my long overdue 8mos cinema-less movie outing. Hehe.

Hadi tu mmg tau, even dlm gambar pun dah boleh cairkan hati org, apatah lagi secara live. Hehe.

Marliza Radzi said...

Reena: Ameen to that :)

Ayin: 8 months!!! Lagi lama! Nanti balik JB kasi aku babysit Kasih, kamu pergi movie date dengan Zul. This I promise you ;)

Anonymous said...

nak tengok movie jugak plis?! last tgk movie when i was 3months pregnant! heh.

and a very happy belated birthday to Encik Daud! :)


Marliza Radzi said...

Aida: Lagi lama! Tabik!!! I sampai dah hujung-hujung pregnant tu pun still gi cinema lagi hehehe.

AyinEmran said...

haha, thanks sbb nak tolong jaga. Tapi Kasih lapar kang, kau nak jadi ibu susu? hahaha, dia dahlah tak pandai minum dari botol susu.

YATT said...

kalau Am jadik ibu susu, nanti Hadi frust sebab tak leh ngorat. hihi.

happy belated birthday to Daud!

Marliza Radzi said...

Ayin: Aku bagilah dia makan Cerelac! Heh.

Yatt: Betul tu Yatt! Hahaha.

kano said...

hepi besdau duad!bestnye tgk muvie!rasenya last tgk adalah iron man 2 sblm deliver yakni pada 5.5.2010.masa 3cm - 5cm dilated. huhu.

kano said...

nape besdau?? besday la.heh.

Marliza Radzi said...

Kano, besdau pun boleh!