Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Never take life seriously. Nobody gets out alive anyway.

I think I have to write something just for the sake of… I don’t know.

I think magicians are sexy. Either that, or they are really good actors. Go watch Criss Angel’s street magic performances and you’d agree with me.

(On the same note), I think Criss Angel has a rather interesting first name. Criss, with no H and spelled with double S. Cool is what it is.

I think some people exist to test your patience. You know, like roaches.

I think Perodua Alza is just a slightly longer version of Myvi. Come on, Perodua, janganlah malas sangat. You’re better than that.

I think rude drivers should be prosecuted. On the ground of possible endangerment of other drivers’ emotional health.

I think Hari-Hari store’s tagline, “Cantik di Hari, Mudah di Hati” is the worst business slogan to ever exist. Like, what the?! Whoever came up with the slogan should keluar dari persembunyian and explain to the public what the heck he/she was trying to say.

I think copycat bloggers should be ashamed of themselves. If you have no ideas on how to make your blog interesting, just be plain boring. That’s better than stealing other people’s ideas. And if you have nothing interesting to write about, then don’t lah. Peliknya. Haish.

(On the same note), I think people can be so weird sometimes.

I think people should stop talking about Tiger Wood’s sex scandals. I mean, what do you expect from someone like him? Someone super rich and mega famous. Normalcy? Come on lah.

I think most people deserve to be given the benefits of the doubt.

I think Raising the Bar is one of the best legal drama ever created and I hate TNT for canceling the show after the second season.

(On the same note), I think the character Jerry Kellerman (played by Saved by the Bell Mark-Paul Gosselar) is awesome. If only I can be half as good as an attorney and half as passionate as he is with his work. Such an inspiration.

I think smart phones are smart. 24/7 access to the Internet. PC-like specifications. QWERTY keyboards. One-touch response. Bijaklah! Whoever invented the smart phones deserve an award.

(On the same note), I think QWERTY keyboard is good in the sense that unless you’re a gifted driver, you couldn’t possible text while you’re driving.

I think Twitter is making a lazy blogger out of me. Either that, or the other possible reason. Ehem. But yeah, micro-blogging is easy-peasy and fun.

(On the same note), I think I am going to spill the bean soon. Ngeh.

I think Jeffrey Archer is an epitome of an optimist; the kinds of people who make do of the worst situation and turn them into something positive. I mean, he did come up with the book I am currently reading, Cat O’Nine Tales when he was in the prison. And made millions out of it, I believe. Smart.

I think the jingle for the Belilah Barangan Tempatan campaign is annoyingly infectious. You know, “Wah cunnya, memang cun, barangan Malaysia.” Who can resist singing along to that? Or is it just me?

I think I hate my job today. Hate is such a strong word though. Not liking my job. That’s more like it. Bosan bosan bosan. Sigh.

I think I need a blue-sky holiday. Somewhere with beaches and/or shopping malls would be nice. Somebody just please take me.

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