Thursday, November 12, 2009

Passion makes the world go round.
Love just makes it a safer place
” - Ice T, The Ice Opinion

Teruja betul buang masa baca ruang-ruang maya di Goodle Reader saya. Tiba-tiba muncul rasa kemahuan untuk kemas kini ruang maya yang busuk berhabuk ini. Tapi terlalu malas untuk menyediakan sebarang bentuk karangan. Lalu saya mahu kemas kini dalam gaya micro-blogging lah ya.

I think Aaron Aziz and Fazura are super hot in Pisau Cukur. Fazura, in all her gedikness glory, never fails to amuse me. You know, the acceptable kind of gedik? She’s adorable! And Pisau Cukur is a feel good movie-lah! I menyengih throughout the movie, okay? Go lah tengok!

2. If you reside in JB or happened to be here, please oh please cari this warung we call Saujana (it is beside Saujana, the MB’s place, hence the nick-name). Their breakfast menus are heavenly! Nasi Lemak Kukus with all kinds of lauk-pauk, Lontong Basah, Lontong Kering, Soto – they got it all. And they’re all, subhanallah, super duper yummy!

3. Snazzy & Such makes the cutest crafty stuffs, including gifts for newborn babies. I had one made for my Kindred Spirit’s son, Umar Iskandar – a baby boy baby quilt set – and they’re gorgeous! My Kindred loved it to bits as well! She sent me an MMS picture of Umar with the baby quilt set and I almost cried out of, entah, joy? Love? Appreciation? Ngeh.

4. Still on food (I know it’s been a while tak kemas kini my
foodie blog; I promise I’ll do it soon). If you are looking for good Indian briyani in JB, there are 3 recommended places. And when I say good, I mean REALLY GOOD. They’re The Briyani Village, 7 Spice and Chakra. They're slightly pricey kalau compare dengan kedai mamak, but trust me, they’re worth it!

5. The Malaysian Bar Election is coming up and we lawyers are asked to vote via post for our representatives. Cuma mahu share this; I don’t know most of them as most are in KL so how did I choose whom to vote for? Simple. Those with the most interesting or better yet, the wittiest self-biography - got my vote. I know that might not sound fair but yeah, if they cared enough to write something engaging, they might just be my man for the job.

Saya memang haloba. Sudah ada gadgets yang cukup untuk tujuan mengambil gambar, masih mahu sebuah kamera kompak (Semua gadgets mahu, kemudian pakai baju lusuh ke pejabat. Isk) Saya salahkan Low Yat; raksasa penuh gadget pemakan duit (Isn’t Low Yat the best? Tak ada digital mall lain sehebat Low Yat di Malaysia ini; I’m a fan!) *Drum Roll* Woohoo! I am now a proud owner of Canon IXUS 120 IS! My oh my, it’s super tiny, super handsome and super hebat; I’m in love.

7. I saw an old, tiny Indian lady in Cold Storage today tried to carry a basket full of stuffs, including 3 bottles of minyak masak! So I offered to help carry her stuffs to the cashier. At first she seemed shocked (What? Don’t tell me nobody ever offered you help? Or are you shocked because I’m a tudung-clad Malay?) Anyways, I helped her and she salam-ed me and pat my back and said, “Thank you, girl.” For some reason, that warmed my heart, and yeah, she calling me GIRL makes me feel muda belia.

8. I am currently addicted to Orange Juice, Orange Yogurt drink, Orange Ice Blended; anything orange-lah. Setiap hari, I’ve got to have at least a glass/box of Orange Juice. I am practically making Peel Fresh richer by the day. Those who might know the reason behind this, I urge you to, ermm, senyap-senyaplah. Haha. But anyway, if you haven’t already known, Old Town Kopitiam has the best Orange Yogurt Ice Blended in town.

9. I haven’t read a good book for quite sometime. The last good one was Love In A Torn Land, a beautiful portrayal of people surviving life and love during war. Anything that warms my heart and reminds me to bersyukur with segala nikmat kurniaan Allah, is good enough for me.

[Picture Credit: We Heart It]

10. Yes, I adore anything lovey dovey lovely. I’m hopeless like that.

Kah kah. As evidenced by the above long-winded ramblings, I suck at micro-blogging. So in a nutshell: Aaron Aziz is hot, I love good foods, I’m in love with my new camera named Blackie, I appreciate good writings, I like it when people think I’m younger than my 27-old age, I’m responsible for the increase of Peel Fresh sales, I adore cute baby stuffs, I am in dire need of a really good book and I’m a sucker for love. Yeay!

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