Monday, August 17, 2009

"Where thou art - that - is home" - Emily Dickinson

I saw Hilary Duff’s sewing room in one of the episodes of My Celebrity Home. It was gorgeous! Beautiful dark wood furniture; matched with contrasting, cutesy knickknacks in bright fuchsia, turquoise and yellow. Simply gorgeous! But yeah, I am not sure whether the room would be user-friendly.

A ‘real’ sewing room should look like my Ibu’s; overflowing with fabrics, boxes and boxes of colour-coded benang, patterns drawn on brown papers, all types of jarum, gunting and what not, a huge table for drawing and cutting (much like the ones in Project Runaway), small ironing board and iron for quick fix, and yeah, left-over fabrics Ibu keeps simply because she is a fabric-hoarder. Ngeh! You get the idealah; how a sewing room should be.

Got side-tracked there. Heh. Maybe you don’t know this about me: I am obsessed with home makeover shows. Suka suka suka. I guess if I didn’t read the Law back then, I would have taken up Interior Designing. Not that I’m talented or whatsoever, saya cuma sangat suka. Dan dalam perkara kreatif, passion adalah the foremost important thing, no?

It is 1.15 a.m. and I have to wake up early for Court tomorrow but I’ve been browsing interior design photography on
We Heart It site since God knows when (gambar-gambar di situ sangat coolness, go have a peek) and couldn’t bring myself to stop. A few photos even brought some tears to my eyes because they’re too darn pretty!

Look at the wall! I’ve always wanted wall like that. Susunan frames of caca merba photos neatly lined up; so cute! I’ve been thinking of framing the lomo photos I have tapi tak buat-buat lagi. Maybe if I have more time in my hands. Best betul kalau duduk rumah kelebek rumah saja hari-hari. Oh but no, I don’t think I'd ever buy sofa in that shade of blue. I’m not that bold.

My oh my. Kalau dapat mini library (on the left) with comfy reading chair begitu, I promise I won’t buy any handbags for one whole year! And the red wall surprisingly has calming effect on me. Macam a bit rustic. How blissful it is to be able to sit there and read and leave all the troubles of the world behind. Aaaah. Or something like the one on the right would be fun too. Baring-baring sambil baca dan boleh tengok keluar tingkap bila mata strained. You know, like people do in the movies. Hahaha.

With study room like these, saya tak perlu dipaksa atau memaksa diri untuk bekerja bersungguh-sungguh. Awesomeness!

White kitchens are just the prettiest. Tapi tak mungkinlah saya akan memilih warna suci murni ini for a kitchen. I don’t even pakai seluar putih sebab saya cemerkap; let alone to pick a white kitchen. It is great in idea though.

This is a bedroom setting that IMHO, will never fail. Dinding putih suci murni with crisp white sheet and minimal deco. But yeah, white is so not for me.

I think buaian dalam rumah is very romantic. Tak tahu kenapa; probably because kebanyakan romantic Hindustani movies ada buaian dalam rumah. And if you really know me like my Hubby does, you’d know I suka suka suka buaian. Kan Marrybrown ada tempat duduk buaian sekarang? Saya rasa ia sungguh comel. And this buaian; it's adorable!

Drool factor. Closet! I personally think that Carrie of SATC has the best closet and Oprah has the most organized. Mahu mahu mahu! Cuma masalahnya, I don't have that many stuffs to store. Boleh kira saja my shoes and handbags. But what girl can say no to an organized closet like this?!

I adore mini knicknacks, I do I do I do.

Don’t you think plants make a room seems livelier? Yalah. I have one potted plant in my living room and I think it makes so much difference by just being there looking all green and pretty. Tapi lebih savvy jika tanam herbs like sage and what not. Cold Storage sells potted herbs at very reasonable prices. Maybe I will do that soon. Which reminds me, benih ulam raja yang Ayin berikan few months back belum tanam lagi. Ngeh.

For some unexplainable reason, I love houses with balconies; where you can sit together with your husband, talking and sipping tea while listening to him playing the guitar. Aaah, very romantic. Ngeh. I'm hopeless.

As you can see, I am a caca merba yang suka almost everything under the sun. I can’t wait to have my own place. I hope when that happens, I'll have idea terperinci on how I’d like it to be. Or maybe, idea berbeza tema for bilik berbeza; how fun is that?! For that to happen, perlu kerja kuat (ehem) dan simpan wang. But until the time comes, I am bersyukur for this rented place (which we may have to leave soon). So just you know, I believe in living in the now; saya percaya bahawa not having your own place does not mean you have to be pemalas dan biarkan rumah tanpa terhias. Kesian rumah tau. Like you, she likes to be dressed up all pretty and nice!

Sabda Rasulullah SAW: "Empat hal yang membawa kebahagiaan; iaitu wanita yang solehah, rumah yang luas, tetangga yang baik dan kenderaan yang selesa." [Riwayat Ibnu Hibban]

I have a lot more to share. But it’s 2.33 a.m. and I’ve got to get my beauty sleep. Oh and yeah, all photo credit goes to We Heart It of course. Good night, pretty-stuffs-loving people! I heart you pretty, pretty people!

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