Wednesday, June 10, 2009

If I don't write to empty my mind, I go mad” - Lord Byron

THE RULES: (1) Write five (5) interesting facts about the person who gave you this award. (2) Jot down ten (10) interesting facts about yourself or your hobbies. (3) Pick your ten (10) most deserving receipients and describe them. (4) Leave a comment on the receipients' blog to tell them they've been tagged. (5) Paste the award badge in your sidebar.

ABOUT THE AWARD GIVER: Sis Dilla is a super, super senior of mine and like she said, our time in STF never overlapped. But from what I gathered from her blog, I think that she is one heck of a woman! She seems to be a very happy person, which is natural I think, because most STFians I know are generally happy people. Teehee. And she writes really well.

ABOUT ME: No you’re not going to get 10 facts about me today. One fact and one only: I have the fear of being stuck somewhere without something to read. For this reason, I almost always carry newspapers/magazines/iPod with downloaded short stories/books everywhere I go.

ABOUT THE RECEPIENTS OF THE AWARD: There are many, many blogs that I devotedly stalk, because they are super amazing, but I decide to limit this 10 recepients to those who I am actually friends with (read: online friends count as well). And they are:

Ayin Emran: Yin & Yang.
As you may already know, Ayin is one of my favourite girls. Ayin and I, we go way back; we’ve been best friends since we were both 16. Her blog is entertaining because she shares her easy-to-do home meal recipes, she (mostly) writes in perfect Malay and her husband and she herself are incredibly good photographers, so you can expect beautiful pictures accompanying her every posts. And of course, I love her to bits.

Ayuni: Kembali.
We’ve known each other more than a decade now; we were roomies back then. This good friend of mine is a gem of a writer. I wish she’d realize that.

It was a strange coincidence, the way I stumbled upon this girl’s blog. Someone posted some comment at the infamous Piah’s blog, listing the blogs that she (or he) hates. And mine and Chika’s happened to be in the list. I clicked on her link to check out her blog and I came to the conclusion that the prankster (who left the hateful comment) was merely jealous of this Chika girl. She’s pretty, she’s well-off, she’s smart, she’s funny and she shares just about everything of her interesting life. Thus, you either would really hate her blog (read: jealous) or would really like it. And I happen to really like it.

Suhail: A Thing to Ponder.
The blogger and I used to be colleagues back in KL. I’ve never known him in the capacity of a leader that he is, but I heard that he was worshipped back in UIA. Haha. He has ceased practising law for quite sometime now and has been very active in his global volunteer work in an attempt to spread the beauty of Islam. Kagum. Suhail is currently in China and you can read all about his interesting journey there together with useful anecdotes on Islam, and for that, I think A Thing to Ponder is an amazing read.

Reena: Life Is a Big Canvas.
She’s the daughter of my mom’s best friend, so you can say that we’re practically cousins. Haha. Hers is one of the few blogs that I visit religiously. Even at the office! (and I rarely blog-hop during office hour, mind you) She mostly writes about entertainment, the movies she likes, the make-up she wears, blouses she buys, actors she dreams about; mostly fun stuffs. A fun read, that’s for sure!

Chics In Red: Bootylicious.
A senior of mine, she is one of those we call, the daily bloggers, simply because she updates everyday without fail, which means that I can always count on her for a good dose of laugh every single day. Mostly, I think I like her blog so much because she writes candidly with an open honesty.

Anis Liyana: A Simple Reminder.
She’s my Kindred Spirit’s little sister. Her blog is aptly named, because that is mainly what the blog is all about. She writes simple, everyday reminders that all of us Muslim could do with. She’s so young and yet so bright; you’d be inspired to be a better Muslim after reading her reminders. I know I do.

Naziatul Azrin: My Own Version.
Suhail introduced me to Arin few years back. A fellow litigation lawyer, she shares her ups and downs as a lawyer in her blog and she writes in perfect, beautiful Malay. Too bad she is currently taking her time off blogging; I hope that this award will boost her spirit to blog again.

Ninie: The Yoga Instructor Diaries.
A fellow Srikandi 959, Ninie is one hot yoga instructor, and I’m proud to say that we used to be classmates. Haha. She’s hot, successful and writes really well too. I guess I could say that she is the epitome of the maxim “every good thing comes in small packages.”

Sharel Wahid: Funkstar’s Second Chapter.
He refers to me as his ‘oldest friend’. Yeah I guess you can say that; in the sense that we’ve known each other since we were 6. We went to the same cool kindergarten and even to the same primary school. We stumbled upon each other again in uni and have been in contact since via blogs. He’s married to another schoolmate of mine and they’re expecting their first child. He rarely updates his blog but when he does, you get to see some good writings and pretty pictures plastered all over his blog.

I’d like to share 2 blogs that I really, really like but since they don’t even know I exist (that sounds pathetic), I did not include them in the above list.

Amir Hafizi: The Malay Male.
He never fails to amuse me with his sharp, witty anecdotes.

Hanis Zalikha: Ini Belog Saya.
The girl is beauty, intelligence and wit all rolled into one.

Sinclair Lewis once said, “It is impossible to discourage the real writers - they don't give a damn what you say, they're going to write.” So keep on writing, people. You know you’ve got a fan in me!

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