Monday, April 20, 2009

I am a kind of paranoiac in reverse. I suspect people
of plotting to make me happy
.” - J.D. Salinger

It’s Monday and I got tons of work to do and my tummy isn’t feeling too good but what the heck, I am in high spirits today! Well, kind of. Ngeee.

I can’t pinpoint satu sebab kegembiraan. Banyak agaknya. Mungkin kerana the Boss tiada pada hari ini. Although that would mean more work for me, being her Relief Person and what not, but that also means tiada sesiapa yang akan memanggil untuk memberi/menyemak kerja untuk hari ini. Yippee!

Perhaps it has to do with this future prospect my Husband and I are looking into; it’s scary but exciting at the same time. It’s yet to be confirmed so I’m just going to stay mum about it until then. You know that feeling, kan? Anxious, yet thrilled (But no, I'm not pregnant!) Teeehe.

Or perhaps it has everything to do with the huge package I received today from my dear Kindred Spirit. Some ole-ole from the UK and some belated birthday cash for me to get my new Crocs! How thoughtful is that? Oh, I went to Jakarta and got her a shawl, and she went to the UK and got me a shawl as well (among others); how more kindred can we be? Heh. You’re probably wondering why we call each other Kindred Spirit. Simply put, we were inspired by Anne (of Green Gables). You’d understand if you’re a fan.

Have I ever told you that receiving packages has always made me happy? Back in STF years, kalau dengar nama dipanggil from Warden Room kerana “ada bungkusan di Bilik Warden untuk anda”, that would, without fail, light up my day. Tapi saya selalu keliru dengan nama seorang senior saya; Malis Izati rasanya. From the dorm speaker, kedengaran lebih kurang dengan nama saya. Frustrating betul kalau bukan parcel saya. Anyways, I received quite a lot of packages for my birthday and I thank you guys for the generous gifts! I could not feel more blessed :)

For the same reason, saya suka beri hadiah dan hantar parcel to my loved ones. Bukankah as Mark Twain put it, “The best way to cheer yourself up is to try to cheer somebody else up.” I firmly second that, Mr. Twain.

Stalking other people’s engagement/wedding pictures adalah salah satu kegiatan yang tidak pernah gagal buat saya rasa gembira. There’s something about engagement/wedding yang begitu murni dan suci and represent a new happy beginning yang buat saya begitu suka. I can’t sleep last night so I watched this show on channel 707, Select Your Wedding Dress or something like that; itupun buat saya gembira, menonton others memilih wedding dress. Perhaps I should change my profession. I think I’d be a much happier person if my career revolves around weddings and dresses and flowers instead of law suits and paper works and Courts and what not.

After 15 days, the Husband finally got me an anniversary card (ish ish, men!) and I was blown away with what he wrote in it. Something about thinking that the day he married me was the happiest day of his life but he was wrong because today I’ve made him happier more than he ever thought he could be; something like that-lah. Sometimes I forgot he had that in him, because most of the time he’s your typical manly man (read: tidak begitu ekspresif) and it’s really nice to be told that once in a while. Note to husbands reading: Women like to be reminded how appreciated and loved they are, mengerti?

Excuse me now (this entry has no core but who cares?); I want to go continue stalking other people’s engagement/wedding pictures. But if you’re anyone from my Firm, ignore the last sentence and read this instead: Excuse me now; I have to go finish up my written submission. Ehem.

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