Wednesday, December 17, 2008

An optimist is the human personification of spring
~ Susan J. Bissonette, Author.

Have you read Eza’s latest entry? Oh my, I have always adored her writings and what not, but she outdid herself this time. Her story on the best experience of her life, i.e. giving birth to her daughter, truly opened my eyes and gave me a whole new perspective on the issue. And I really love it when she wrote, “One thing I've learn, if you surround yourself with everything positive (attitude, surroundings, feelings, people, etc), InsyaAllah things will work out fine no matter what it is - and vice versa”, because I too believe that! It’s all in the mind! I adore positive people! I truly do.

[Terima kasih Savage Chickens,
kartun ayam comel di atas Sticky Notes oleh Doug Savage]

Positive people are not born positive. Tentu, sesetengah are born in positive surroundings, with positive people all around them. But positive thinking is a practice! Positive affirmations you tell yourself everyday will lead to a state of being positive which will lead to positive attitude. I sound like a self-help book now. Ngeee. But yeah, what I’d like to say is that optimism is not a gift one is bestowed upon by God, okay-lah, maybe-lah sikit-sikit, but mostly it is a practice! And an option too, I must add.

I love positive people, simply because they remind me to be positive. Bukankah letih jadi negatif? Bukankah seronok dengar dan baca kisah-kisah positif? Dalam kisah beranak contohnya, bukankah menyeksakan bila dengar tentang kisah-kisah kesakitan dan kesengsaraan beranak? When I can choose to read Eza’s beautiful experience? Atau kawan saya, Jasmina, yang juga bercerita secara positif tentang pengalaman itu. Bukankah?

Pelik kan? How easy it is to make an impact in someone’s life. I believe
Eza has touched the heart of many by just that one beautifully optimistic entry. I don't know about you but at least I know she touched mine.

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