Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Could you love me in a Bentley?
Could you love me on a bus?

Have you heard of the freegan lifestyle? Pertama kali saya dengar tentangnya ialah dari Oprah (who else?) Dalam era kegawatan ekonomi ini, apparently a lot of Americans and British have opted for this freegan lifestyle.

Jika anda belum tahu, let me provide a brief description of what is known as freeganism: Freegans opt to salvage discarded, unspoiled foods from supermarket dumpsters [For thorough explanation on freeganism, click here] Jadi, secara ringkas, they basically live on trash!

It is shocking how much could be saved by living on free foods (and stuffs) from supermarket dumpsters! And most foods yang dibuang oleh supermarket adalah foods yang tak melepasi piawaian jualan but unspoiled sebenarnya; seperti roti yang baru sehari tamat tempoh, sayur yang telah sedikit menguning, buah-buahan with a little bit of mould.

It is also shocking that people who choose this lifestyle are mostly professionals yang sah-sahlah can afford luxury lifestyle! Doctors, accountants, executives; most of them choose to be freegans as a political statement or simply to be environmentally friendly. Saya kagum!

I read in NST (or is it The Star?) last week about this one British woman, an ex-teacher, who now lives on 1 pound per month. How she survives? She cycles everywhere. She doesn’t own a hand phone. She grows her own vegetables. And she salvage foods from dumpsters. Basically, dia memilih untuk go back to basic. And it is a shocker that it is possible!

Maybe now you and I boleh ambil iktibar dan ke supermarket malam-malam mencari makanan terbuang yang masih elok? It’s Uda Ocean Angsana for me! Sila jangan berebut dengan saya! Go get your own dumpsters! Haha!

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