Tuesday, December 02, 2008

"Once you get people laughing, they're listening and
you can tell them almost anything
" - Herbert Gardner

Someone commented in my previous entry about me listening to Hitz.FM. Hahaha while personally I don’t think it is wrong for a 26-year-old to listen to the station (60 pun boleh, what?) and that I shouldn’t have to explain myself to others, that comment gave me idea for an entry. Heh. So the followings are my personal opinion on other radio stations that I occasionally tuned to in the morning (read: semua POV adalah tentang Morning Shows saja):

Why I listen to Hitz.FM Morning Crew? Like I’ve said many times before, JJ and Rudy are two crazy people yang menceriakan pagi with their pranks, antics and what not. I hope Ian will be as good as Rudy if not better.

Why I listen to Serena and Piedro from Mix FM in the morning? They always have interesting topics to talk about, mostly on gender dilemma.

Fly FM morning show is okay as well. And I like that they always play the latest music. Dan saya tahu Ayuni suka gelak-ketawa Phat Phabes. Hehe.

Why I hate E*ra morning show? I hate the annoying male deejay, A*di of AF1 fame. Ya, hate. Benci. I hate his voice and keletah as much as Ayin hates Horatio Cane from CSI. Hahaha!

S*inar FM morning deejays are awfully annoying as well, consisting of S*alleh Y*aacob, R*aja A*zura and Khairil. Khairil is okay though; I pity him for having to put up with the other two silly dan sungguh over-acting deejays.

Hot FM, I think, has the best Malay morning show. Kudos to FBI and Fafau for their good work (although I notice lately that it’s AJ and Kieran. Dah tukar ke?) And kudos to Kieran as well, for making the right move to switch.

While I adore the song selections of L*ite FM, their morning show is boooring.

Oh Suria FM is okay as well, because they play the latest Malay songs. Tapi since I moved to JB, jarang dengar Suria FM, mainly because I'm not quite sure of the gelombang. Ngeee lame excuse, kan?

And sometimes I do tune to IKIM for you-know-what. Ehem.

But other R*TM stations, freaking boring! The deejays talk too much!

So there you have it. Seperti biasa (hehe), if you happen to adore lawak A*di yang tak kelakar or R*aja A*zura's shriek or that you hate JJ as much as I hate A*di, by all means, sila sila. Ini hanya personal opinion. Ngeee.

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