Friday, November 28, 2008

Sabda Nabi s.a.w: “Bandingan golongan mukminin di dalam kasih-sayang, simpati dan tolong menolong antara satu sama lain seperti satu jasad. Sekiranya satu anggota mengadu kesakitan, maka seluruh anggota akan berjaga malam dan demam panas

Peeps! 10 more questions today!

1. Is RM38.97 enough to make a change in someone’s life? I sure hope that with my puny monthly contribution via Budimas, some kid somewhere will be able to go to school and have something good to eat.

2. Is it okay to feel sentimental about Rudy leaving the Hitz.FM Morning Crew? What do you mean it doesn’t concern me? Sure it does! Lagha as it maybe, they cheer up my morning.

3. Is it okay to feel a bit resentful towards people who gloat in my face about their good fortune and what not? If you write it in your blog, tak apalah, because I’d be the one yang gatal-gatal pilih to read all about it. But if you gloat heartlessly, right in my face, menyampahlah. Tapi mungkin juga aku sedang moody ketika itu, jadi maaflah.

[Thanks ya, Cathy Thorne. Comel kartun awak!]

4. What does “you are what you eat” truly means? If I like ayam goreng so much, does that mean rupa aku macam ayam? Atau perangai aku? Well, I can definitely relate to the kais pagi, makan pagi part, but mine is kais sebulan, makan sebulan. Ngeee. Philosophical, I am not.

5. Did you hear about that 106-year-old-lady marrying a 37-year-old-guy? And this is her 22nd marriage! Isn’t she something? What’s the catch? Or is it truly true love? Sceptical, I am.

6. Does being pregnant means you get to be cranky and bossy at all time? Kano is heavily pregnant as well and I don’t see her throwing tantrum at just about anyone. Do you, Kakak, do you?

7. Have you seen the published picture of Raja Nazrin’s and Zara’s son? Can the Prince be any cuter? And with his Ayahanda and Bonda’s intelligence and wealth, is it okay if I feel a bit envious of him? I’d like to think that I too “win the parents lottery when I was born” (quoting Randy Pausch in The Last Lecture) but this boy, well, he wins real big!

8. Betul ke boleh jadi kaya masuk multi level marketing and what not? All those flyer everywhere memaparkan rich Malays bergambar with their BMW and Benz and what not, is it true? Anyone you know menjadi kaya tanpa menyalahi undang-undang through this multi level thingy? Sceptical, I am.

9. Why is it panas terik over here when all over the country sedang bersiap-sedia menghadapi kemungkinan banjir sehingga even SMART Tunnel has already been closed to traffic? Perhaps that is why we call it ‘kemungkinan’.

10. Is it true that you should not get all chummy with your subordinates in order to earn their respect? I beg to differ. I’ve never been anything but nice to my subordinates dan tidak pernah pula aku rasa disrespected. I treat my subordinates the way I want my superior to treat me.

Ya, saya memang seorang yang penuh pertanyaan. Ya, this is what the Husband has to deal with on daily basis. Have a good Friday everyone!

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