Tuesday, November 18, 2008

"It is the woman who chooses the man who will choose her”

Perkara yang ramai girlfriends/wives suka lakukan tapi saya tidak:

1. Panggil boyfriend/suami dengan panggilan abang. With all due respect to others yang panggil, saya cuma tak gemar. I call my Husband Hubby (or Sayang) and I know ada yang tak suka juga panggilan itu, oleh itu, tak mengapalah. Bukankah all is fair in love (and war)? Heh.

2. Get boyfriend/suami to hold my handbag. I think it’s emasculating lah. Buruk benar rupa lelaki yang pegangkan handbag girlfriend/isteri. I’m not talking about pegangkan sekejap-sekejap, itu takpelah, I’m talking about those yang memang pegangkan handbag! Ladies, kalau malas carry your own handbag, just leave it at home lah.

3. Depends on boyfriend/suami to drive me here and there.

4. Ajak boyfriend/suami shop for my stuffs and make him pay for everything. Rasa bersalahlah. Dahlah I have my own RM. Sekali-sekala, bolehlah. Then again, maybe because I tak pernah date Dato K and his likes.

5. On the same note; keluar date and expect the boyfriend to pay for everything; movie ticket, makan, fuel and what not. When were dating, my Husband and I split everything. Or if he pays for foods, I’ll get the ticket. Unless it’s my special occasion or if dia dah cakap, ‘everything’s on me today’. But now, since it’s his tanggungjawab already, most of the time makan luar or beli barang dapur, he’ll pay.

6. Exchange passwords for email accounts and what not. I just think it’s wrong to do so. He’s entitled to his privacy and so am I. I don’t even snoop around kalau my Husband terlupa log out his email or Friendster or FB or whatever; I akan terus tolong sign out kan.

7. On the same note; check his phone. No, I don’t do that unless di depan dia, itupun bukan dengan niat to pry around. Most of the time, gurau-gurau.

But if you do any of the above, with all due respect, sila, sila. Your life, your prerogative, your own way. Bukankah? Heh.

On another note, yesterday in 2006, I was called to the Bar. So technically (and legally) speaking, I turned 2 yesterday, as a lawyer. So I bought The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch (it has been quite sometime since I last bought a book) as a pat-yourself-on-the-back-gift from me to me. Ngeee.

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