Wednesday, November 05, 2008

"Every morning I get up and look through the Forbes list of the richest people in America. If I'm not there, I go to work"
Robert Orben, magician and professional comedy writer.

Website Lookout estimated that this blog is worth $2190 USD. Woah, jika benar, thanks to you who religiously drop by to read my silly ranting, I could be rich! Okay, maybe not rich rich, but a few Ringgit richer, which is good enough for me. Hmmm, maybe I should subscribe to Nuffnang. Maybe then I could afford to buy new books / clothes / shoes every month. Ngeee.

I saw this show called 40 Greatest Internet Superstars on Channel V last month. Kenapa Tom Anderson of Myspace and Perez Hilton are in The List, itu aku faham. Tapi some others are plain rubbish! And they became instant (rich) superstars because, well, it appears that people like rubbish. Why again do I slave myself in this legal jungle when I could be doing some nonsense acts and get rich? Mimic BSB, dress up as Darth Vader or videotape myself doing mundane stuffs in my room; maybe then I could afford to buy new books / clothes / shoes every month. Ngeee.

Apparently e-lebrity is now an acceptable slang, which, according to Urban Dictionary, means ‘internet personality or celebrity’ or ‘someone who is famous for what they do online (blog, for instance)’.

Moving on to a real celebrity, I heard on the radio yesterday that Nicole Kidman’s secret to her happy marriage is that she is never separated from husband Keith Urban for more than seven days. “It's not a negotiation. It is such a desire to be together. It's a lovely place to be in a relationship where you just desperately want to be together. We'll do whatever it takes.” Aaaawh. But as much as I agree with the statement (d’oh! Why else am I in JB?), they’re a Hollywood couple, for God’s sake! For that reason alone, I think I am allowed to be skeptical. Ngeee.

Walaupun menjadi an e-lebrity may be out of my reach (dan sesungguhnya saya tidak mahu; I hate lime light, remember? Sila roll eyes), maybe this blog could be an avenue for some side income, which I desperately need (or want. Whatever). You know I blog to get things out of my neurotic system, cumanya, kalau boleh dapat income to do so, bukankah lebih indah? Ngeee. Atau sepatutnya saya perlu cuba mengajar tuisyen? Atau menjual kek coklat? Atau menjadi ejen insurans?

Seriously, I should lah, start getting paid to blog. Senang sajapun, by simply putting up some adverts! Kan? Ngeee. Would you guys continue reading my daily rants to support my quest for monthly new books / clothes / shoes? Would you, please please, pretty please? Hahaha!

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