Friday, October 31, 2008

Judge me by what is in my head, not what is on my head

It’s Oh So Random time again, simply because I have so many things to bebel on. Ngeee. Behold, ya.

1. Saw a sexy nurse during lunch today, with her short nurse costume and fish net socks and killer heels and bouncy curly hair; and all of us went, WTF?! Only then I teringat, it’s Halloween lah! Then Mas asked me, “Lu apahal tak dress up?” (I’m wearing a grey kurung pahang today), lalu gua jawab, “Gua dress up lah ni. As muslimah”. Sila roll eyes.

2. Speaking of dressing the Muslim way, I came across this ad at this blog.

The English translation reads:
You can’t stop them.
But you can protect yourself.
Your creator has your best interest at heart.

Excerpt from the blog: Ethically speaking, I don’t agree with its premise. As is typical in the Middle East, the male view in actions and thought is predominant. The issue of harassment and ‘unwanted attention’ is always presented as a function of what women are or aren’t doing, and therefore it some how excuses from responsibility the fly-brained slobbering men depicted in the ad. [Read More] I like the remark made by the tuan punya blog kerana comel, tetapi yalah, hukum tetap hukum, dan betullah tu, “your creator has your best interest at heart”. Wallahualam.

3. Then I read this article (you must now think that I am so malas at work. No lah, sebentar saja sebelum lunch hour tadi. Ok, ok, the truth is, memang pemalaspun. Tolong buatkan dua Court applications I ni, please) Back to the article; this girl wrote about why she took off her hijjab when she went to study in California (she’s from Iraq). Sila baca ya.

4. And speaking of hijjab; I’m an avid follower of
this site (atau previous entries di sini), featuring cool Muslimah fashion. I especially like all the entries labeled Modesty Make Over; cuteness lah! Basically the site aims to promote the idea that you can look good too dalam keadaan menutup aurat. I do try to dress up occasionally, cumanya, I’m much a too sempoi jeans and t-shirt person. Or more like unadventurous. Or more like kedekut. Ngeee.


5. Is trousers really banned? I think the ban is to be read conjunctively with the reason. If it is too tight or too revealing or jarang, maybe. Or berseluar dengan nawaitu meniru lagak lelaki, mungkin. Wallahualam.

6. And now yoga is haram? Wallahualam. I personally think that yoga is simply another form of exercise. Some do aerobic, some line dance, some play futsal, some jog or swim or lift weight or box or window-shop (erk?), and some, do yoga. This fatwa too, I think, should be read conjunctively with the reason on why it is banned.

Perhaps the decision should be more precise; for instance, “yoga is haram if dilakukan dengan niat menyekutukan Allah atau menjebakkan diri ke dalam ajaran agama lain”. Or “yoga is haram jika dilakukan sehingga lalai menunaikan solat”. Macam jogging juga. Secara asasnya, adalah digalakkan; tapi jika jogging tak menutup aurat, jika jogging sehingga tak solat, jadilah ia bercanggah dengan agama, bukahkah? To state per se that “yoga is haram”, to me, adalah mengelirukan.

Entahlah, I'm not writing this to rebut pandangan golongan agama bijak pandai, kerana ilmu saya sungguh amat cetek. Cuma as a Muslim, saya mahu penerangan yang jelas. Wallahualam, please correct me if I’m wrong.

It’s just that I’m a very simple person who believes that every hukum are catered by the Almighty for our best interest. Wallahualam.

Extensive and quite serious; that’s the tema of today’s Oh So Random, sekian terima kasih. Ngeee.

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