Friday, September 19, 2008

"Let us be grateful to the mirror for revealing to us
our appearance only"
~ Samuel Butler, Erewhon

[Initially I wanted to write about TARA III. Atau mengenai Chevening Scholarships yang menarik itu. Atau something about my peralihan hidup sebagai isteri bekerjaya. But I’m too lazy. And I have something due to my client today. Jadi, di kemudian harilah. Entri ini untuk Kano, yang mengadu tiada bahan bacaan lalu mengarahkan blog ini dikemas kini. Disebabkan hari lahir beliau ialah kelmarin dan saya masih belum membelikan hadiah, I am thus obliged to obey her. Here goes nothingness]

How does one know when she needs new clothes?

(a) When one has been wearing the same shirts since her chambering years. Fast-forward 2 years, mind you. (Malah ada shirts dari zaman Law school, okay. Yes, it's that bad, people);

(b) When every work clothes in one's closet is either in black or white. Bosan kan? She needs to add some colours to her wardrobe lah, now that belum perlu ke Mahkamah lagi;

(c) When one's Husband complimented her that she looks cute in her grey shirt, when it's actually black. Ngeee.

I seriously need new work shirts. But I am too kedekut and fussy. I'd get all fidgety when I do the math: One plain shirt would cost me RM50 (the least) and with RM50, I can at least get 2 books! Or one week of gas for my car. Or a swanky, yummy buka puasa for two. Ngeee. Help!

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