Sunday, September 14, 2008

All of these lines across my face
Tell you the story of who I am
So many stories of where I've been
And how I got to where I am

The caramel pudding is cooling in the freezer; made one for tonight iftar with his sedara-mara. The thing about family gathering that really bugs me is when people start asking me “Ada apa-apa dah ke?” I know (most) sedara-mara don’t read my blog so they don’t know they shouldn’t do so. Ngeee.

I know they meant well. And some are just asking for the sake of making small talk. But still it is annoying. Kalau kawan, boleh juga aku jawab, “Ada, ada lemak” (that’s pretty much how I answer to friends). But with sedara-mara, you’d have to memaniskan wajah and answer nicely as if it’s just another ice breaking conversation.

But who can blame them? It’s just how our society functions. When you’re a woman, your makcik-makcik don’t give a damn if you got brilliant job with good pay with great friends and interesting social life.

Jika anda wanita, the society only cares about:

(a) if you’re single, “When are you going to settle down?”
(b) If you’re married, “When are you going to beranak?”
(c) If you’re with a child, “Bila nak beranak lagi?”
(d) When you’ve beranak lagi, “Bila nak beranak lagi? Takkan 2 je?” (to which my Ibu’s answer would always be, “Tuhan bagi 2 je, bersyukurlah.” The mention of Tuhan never failed to shut people up, mereka akan tersedar ianya semua takdir Tuhan)
(e) When your anak-anak are growing up, people will bother you with “UPSR dapat berapa A?” and what not.
(f) When your anak-anak have all grown up, they will start asking “Bila nak dapat menantu?”
(g) Bila dah dapat menantu, the next thing you know is you will be pestered with “Bila nak timang cucu?”

It’s a tough society to please. They make it easier for men though; men never have to endure the pain/annoyance of dealing with such situations. But I know the makcik-makcik meant well, they just care too much. But please, just leave us alone. At least, leave my kind alone (because I know some women are just too nice to be bothered by this kind of harassment. Ngeee). For God's sake, it's only been 5 months! LEAVE ME ALONE. Please.

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