Thursday, September 25, 2008

I got a pocket got a pocket full of sunshine
I got a love and I know that it's all mine
Do what you want
But you never gonna break me
Sticks and stone are never gonna shake me

Today was my first time in Johor Court. It was also my first time appearing for the firm. It’s good to back in Court; it feels like reuniting with an old friend, with which I have a love-hate bond. Ngeee. I was a bit anxious at first to get acquainted with the Johor Court, but as someone told me, “If you’ve survived the KL Court, you can survive anywhere”. Maybe. From my first encounter with the Court, I must say that it certainly has different kind of vibe. It is more intimate; the staffs are friendlier, the lawyers seem to know each other and the judges seem more laid back. It has the same feel you’d get from other state Courts such as Shah Alam and Melaka. Tapi tak tahulah, baru first encounter kan. Aduh it was really hot outside so I’m a bit lemah now (ngada-ngada); famished, sleepy, exhausted but mostly thirsty.

It surprises me how well I am adapting to this new firm. Bukankah I am supposed to be like Chandler? Awkward with strangers? Bad at making small talk? Strangely I’m doing okay here, alhamdulillah. Mungkin kerana ia mempunyai warmth and setting yang identical to my old firm. I hope things will only get better from now on.

Oh and I’ve been wearing my Crocs to the office since that last post; I think I need to get myself a comfortable work shoes or better yet, another Crocs (alasan). Ngeee. Oh and in case you’re concerned (not!), I’ve bought one new work shirt. In blue. Thanks to Metrojaya Sale.

The Husband has been away on advocacy training for 4 days now; it has been very dull without him. I can’t wait to see him tonight! But not before the compulsory ‘Iftar With Clients’ which I have to attend tonight; menyampahlah! The only high point about that is dapat makan free at the longest Ramadhan buffet (again). But I’d rather choose buka puasa at mamak with the Husband anytime.

I have a research due tomorrow; I better start now if I don’t want to look stupid in front of Dato’ and the other senior lawyer. Ngeee.

Owh. My heart goes out to a good friend and a good friend’s dad; both are battling pain and illness in the hospital. Please pray for their recovery.

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