Tuesday, August 26, 2008

"Happiness pulses with every beat of my heart"
~ Emily Logan Decens

No slogan, no catch, nothing. Simply answer the questions.
Indahnya dunia kalau dapat menang RM25,000! I want I want!

It is the time of the year again!
Air Asia with free seats! We want we want!

Ada satu tingkap di study area yang tiada langsir dan perlu langsir untuk menghalang cahaya dari menembusi terus ke arah PC. Maka on Saturday, langsir was bought, altered and hanged. Yeay PC is protected.

We went to the Husband's friend's reception on Sunday (setiap weekends, ada saja his friends kahwin hehehe); the setting was gorgeous!

I have this RM35 redemption from Body Shop which is valid until December this year. But since I am out of lip balm kepercayaanku and my skin is in need of some TLC, yesterday I went and bought myself these and Oceanus for the Husband, as his spare perfume. Teehee.

We watched this movie last night. Seriously funny stuff!!!

The LO; signed, sealed, picked-up. Alhamdulillah :)

A litle something for a little something. I can't wait! Hehe.

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