Friday, July 18, 2008

“What doesn't kill you makes you stranger."

Hands down, IMO, the much anticipated The Dark Knight is one of the best movies of 2008! Why? Well well, where do I start?

(1) (The late) Heath Ledger’s chilling performance as the Joker? Man, he was better than I’ve heard and as good as I had hoped! But I guess you already know that.

(2) The thought-provoking moral complexity, the comic, the intense action sequences, the brilliant dialogue; the movie gave me the satisfaction of reading a good book!

(3) Of course, the powerful star-studded casts.

(4) Aaron Eckhart’s interestingly moving performance as Harvey Dent, the gutsy and ambitious prosecutor/ Gotham’s "White Knight"/ Two-Face makes me wanna go watch Thank You For Smoking again.

(5) And the Christian Bale. Enough said?

Now people, why so serious? Ngeee.

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