Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Di antara kita terbinanya
Satu mercu tanda
Cinta yang setia
Meredahi masa meniti usia
Hingga ke akhirnya
Kuabadi cinta di hati ini

Right after the unsettling debate last night (It is unsettling! Although I must say that it is an improvement in keterbukaan media, bravo!), we karaoke-d to Jamal Abdillah and Awie, and as always, I made him serenade me with two of my all time favourite Malay love songs:

I don’t know what it is about this song that really gets me. Bukan nama aku Azura pun? Although I kinda like Azura the Movie (oh bite me!) and its entire idiosyncrasies. Hahaha. Mungkin kerana liriknya yang memuja wanita? Atau kerana suara Jamal Abdillah yang sungguh out of this world dan meruntun jiwa! Sesungguhnya had he not have the on and off relationship with dadah musuh Negara, he’d be a millionaire with a datukship to his name by now. Sayang seribu kali sayang. Moralnya: Stay away from drugs, people!

Ratuku is another one that I really like for its lirik yang memuja wanita dan tentunya, keberkesanan suara Awie. Meratap naluri. Sob.

So what's your meratap naluri Malay love song? Bola-Bola Api? Ngeee.

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