Friday, May 16, 2008

"This is me, trying to evolve" ~ Meredith Grey

Hello hello, happy people! Anybody missed me?

*cricket* *cricket* *cricket*

Eleh sombonglah kalian. I know deep down kalian merinduiku. Heh. Woah it feels good to blog again! Yeay! It’s not that there’s no internet connection at my In Laws’ place, but it just doesn’t feel right to surf the net di ruang tamu while the FIL watches berita or RTM1 (almost all the time) in the same room. And don’t let me start on the MIL; she practically lives in the kitchen, like most moms do. Except my Mom has an ‘office’ next to her kitchen, where she menjahit all the time, mostly her own baju (which explains why she almost never wear the same baju twice hahaha). God I miss my Mom. Sigh.

So you wanna know what I do everyday? I pretty much do nothing. Hahaha. Basuh, sidai dan gosok baju. Help MIL cook. Menyapu, mengemas (I’m surprised that I’m not domestically challenged after all hahaha) Bersembang with the In Laws. Call my Mom. Layan the Husband. Occasionally watch TV (occasionally saja okay?! So unlike me!) Read (I just finished 'This Is How It Happened from the LBD Collection, which, to summarize in 1 word, is un-put-down-able!) But most of the time I watch DVD. Few months ago Ayin bekalkan stok the latest season of Grey’s Anatomy and now I’m left with only 2 episodes. Man, I am so high on Grey’s. Sadly, I have only until episode 10 so I’d be delighted if anyone could bekalkan me with the rest. Please, pretty please. Can’t you see how bored I am? Ngeee.

I can’t wait to be moving into our own place which I hope will happen real soon (we’ve already cleaned the apartment yesterday and we’re planning to buy some of the essential stuffs this weekend). Don’t get me wrong, the In Laws are very nice and most importantly they seem to be liking me, so yeay me. And I am so in love with my wonderful Husband, which makes up for everything. But I simply want to be in my own place, where I could melepak kangkong like nobody’s business all day long tanpa rasa bersalah. At least until I get myself a new job. Ngeee. Isn’t that a reason enough?

I can’t wait for tonight. We’re meeting some of our friends for dinner, including my dear Dodah. I’ve been friends-deprived for a few days now (dear friends, I miss communicating with you via this space of mine. And Kano, I sure do miss our lunch dates!), so I must say that I’m pretty excited!

Wow, I sure have a lot of stuffs to rant about. Hahaha. Okaylah, till then, happy people, watch this space for me, will you? Oh, don’t do drugs, people! Get high on Grey's Anatomy instead! Heh. Much love!

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