Monday, May 05, 2008

Mungkin aku juga pernah merasakan rindu
Tapi tak pernah sedalam ini

See? See? See? Hahaha. Did I or did I not tell you? A good talent is a good talent and one stupid overzealous controversy is not enough to bring it down. A big fat congratulations to Faizal Tahir for bagging the most AIM awards. Woohoo!

Other than that, it is a very mandom Monday today, mainly because the weekend spent with the Husband was too much fun (oh I so so miss him!) And it also doesn't help that: (a) I am overloaded with works despite the fact that I'm leaving the Firm this Friday, (b) I got a few important hearings to dispose off before I go, (c) KL is very cloudy this morning, (d) we still have not received our wedding photos and (e) the flu is still ruling my life. I hope you are having a better day today, people, whoever you are.

Oh I despise Dato Siti's tudung-do, despite being a fan. Discuss.

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