Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Kau adalah darahku. Kau adalah jantungku.
Kau adalah hidupku. Lengkapi diriku.
Oh sayangku kau begitu sempurna.

Let’s talk shallow, shall we?

I was infatuated with Robert Downey Jr. during his time as the charming, witty lawyer, Larry Paul, the love of Ally McBeal’s life. Suffice to say, I was severely heartbroken when he was kicked off from the show. But the man is now back and stronger than ever. I really think that he did a great job as Tony Stark, the self-made superhero. Sorry Mr. Spidey, Encik Lelaki Besi has replaced you as my favourite superhero.

Talking about superhero reminds me of Reena’s TAG game. My super power choice would be Invincibility. Maybe. Or is it Super Strength? Or Flying? I can’t decide. But I know for sure that I don’t want to be able to read mind, or predict the future. Go figure. Oh and my weakness would be that I watch too much TV and am too lazy to leave my couch to fight the villains. Ngeee.

Speaking of which, Monday nights have never been better now that Entourage is back on HBO, a pleasurable addition to an already fun TV night of ANTM and those 30-minutes comedies on Star World. Heh. Err have I told you how much I love the idiot box? Ngeee.

Why am I ranting all these silly stuffs when I should be concern about the world crisis, one may ask. I am. I just don’t want to write about it. Entertainment provides escape from the harsh reality of life. Why do you think masyarakat India pernah bakar panggung kerana watak utama dalam filem itu terbunuh? We all want happy endings, don’t we?

Anyways, we have to choose another 2 songs sebagai lagu latar belakang for our wedding photo slideshows. We’ve chosen Close To You by Carpenter for the one done by Zul. I am torn between I Could Not Ask For More or I’ll Be by Edwin Mc Cain or Masih (Sahabatku Kekasihku) by Ada Band or Everything by Michael Buble or Permata Untuk Isteri by Kopratasa or All About Loving You by Bon Jovi or Sempurna by Andra & the Backbone. I guess I'm going with the latter 2 songs. Any other suggestions, people?

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