Friday, May 02, 2008

Still I couldn't find
Someone half as right as you
And each time I stop to think
What it is I really need
Here's what I conclude
All I really need is you

[Photo Credit: ZulMaha]

Has it been almost one month? It doesn’t feel like it. Really. Terasa seperti baru beberapa hari yang lalu diijabkabulkan. Inai di jari pun masih merah.

The GA team has yet to deliver our wedding photos and albums (for my side of events); while I truly understand why, it is orang sekeliling that I have to answer to. My mom for instance, setiap hari bertanyakan gambar. I really hope we’ll be getting them soon. But Zul has already previewed some of the photos (and the album layout for album-proofing) from the Husband’s side and they are gorgeous! I did have some issues regarding my tudung and accessories, but somehow through Zul’s lens, I look okay. Thanks a lot to Zul and his wife/my best friend Ayin the pemudah cara! For anyone who is looking for a wedding photographer, ZulMaha is truly recommended! Although the main problem would be that he is based in Bintulu. Ngeee.

Eh eh geramnya. You know Rihanna’s new single, Take A Bow? Telah beberapa hari di dalam kepala ini terngiang-ngiang the first verse, “How about a round of applause, standing ovation?” Mengganggu sungguh. But it is undoubtedly better than Dafi and Gita Gutawa’s Cornetto song yang bermain-main di kepala beberapa minggu lepas. Annoying to the max.

Speaking of standing ovation, one who deserves it is David Cook! Did you watch his latest sterling performance? Even jika gagal memenangi AI, he'd definitely be bigger than big. He could even compile all his renditions of other people's hits he'd done in AI and I can guarantee the album would make him super rich. I'd be one of the first to buy semestinya. Blazing hot.

Anyways, it is the Husband’s first day at his new office today and if the work permits, he will be coming to see me this weekend. I hope so. Everything seems to be less fun, less meaningful, less worthy when he’s not around.

Being said that however, I have to confess that I’m dreading having to leave behind my seindah biasa life, mostly because it is so painful to leave behind my wonderful, wonderful parents, my home sweet home, my friends who are mostly here and even my shitty job. Sigh. Change is the only thing constant, right? Pray for me, dear readers, I need some strength and sense. Note to self: Give it some time, dear self, you will love your new life.

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