Wednesday, May 28, 2008

A man is not where he lives, but where he loves.

Hello hello! A quick update before I share my reception photos. Here goes!

(a) We’ve moved to our sweet home last week and we are so in love with it!

A little piece of our little piece of heaven :)

(b) We went home to celebrate my Dad’s birthday and had a blast!

(c) We went shopping at Ikea and burned a good few hundreds. Ngeee.

(d) I have yet to organize all the receipts and bills from our purchases for our place. Gerun nak tengok, but we work everything within budget (insyaAllah) so, we’ll be okay insyaAllah. Hehe.

(e) ASTRO has been installed so don’t you worry about me. Hehe. And Singapore and Indonesia channels are also accessible, so woohoo!

(f) Streamyx is yet to be installed so I’m blogging from a cyber café while waiting for the Husband to pick me up after work. I feel like a teenager now, surfing the net in this teenage-filled café. Hahaha.

(g) Although I am not ready to give up this mundane yet relaxing life of mine, I’ve sent out a few job applications (but have yet to apply to law firms). Should I continue practicing or should I venture into different scope of careers? Decision, decision, decision. Sigh.

(g) The Husband actually likes my cooking, so yeay me! And like I said before, I am not domestically challenged! Who knows, huh? But my Mom is still skeptical about it. Haha. Who can blame her? She knows me too well.

So that’s it for now. Here’s sharing some photos from our receptions, shot by the super talented GA team. More photos are here and photos from the Husband’s reception by Zul are here. Tata, people! Much love!

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