Thursday, May 08, 2008

Andai kata bintang menyepi
Bulan tidak berseri
Malam menjadi sunyi
Tidak berseri lagi

I’m the only boy my age who actually like spending time with my parents” – Nick Simmons. Well, my parents may not be a pair of legendary rock star and Playboy playmate, but I’ve always enjoy my parents’ company, dari kecil hinggalah dewasa. If anything, the Gene Simmons show reaffirms my belief bahawa ibubapa yang suka dan begitu cinta each other will result in anak-anak yang lebih baik, lebih penuh cinta, lebih menyayangi ibubapa. At least I think I turned out okay, thanks to my parents. Heh.

IMO, Faizal Tahir should take a pointer or two from David Cook. I mean, Faizal Tahir is talented and all, but he should tone it down sedikit, untuk menjaga sensitiviti masyarakat, and eventually his own reputation dan periuk nasi. Who says one have to melompat-lompat aggressively all the time to be a rockstar. Just look at David C! He is so damn cool! Woohoo!

Hehehe. Thank you, dear readers, for helping me (and apparently Kano) with your suggestions. I spent my whole lunch hour yesterday (and occassionally sekali-sekala afterwards, ketika rehat from work, ngeee) listening to your suggestions, ranging from Itulah Sayang to Hold You In My Arms to Malam Ku Bermimpi etc etc. Terima kasih!

I've made my decision. I am going with Dafi's Bila Terasa Rindu. Hahaha. Not! Heh. After much deliberation (memang saiko, pilih lagu je?) saya sudah malas mahu berfikir lagi lalu telah memilih lagu latar belakang slide show kami, mengikuti jejak the wonderful, wonderful song Close To You oleh Karen (Carpenter). Seriously saiko. I am not even going to pedulipun tentang lagu ni after this. Overthinking, that's what I do best. Ngeee.

They are Bulan Dipagar Bintang by P.Ramlee and Saloma, and L.O.V.E. by Nat King Cole. I love the songs and I think they are suitable (for slideshows). Memang, I'm a 55 years old at heart. Hahaha.

Amacam? Okay tak?! (Tanya lagi tu. Ngeee)

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