Thursday, March 06, 2008

Tell me how to win your heart
For I haven't got a clue
But let me start by saying I love you

Enough with the melancholia. For now at least. Ngeee. Dearest Kano is tying the knot lusa! Although it breaks my heart not being able to be there to witness the solemnization, I promised her I’ll make it up to her by attending both sides of her receptions in Pahang and Kedah, insyaAllah.

To celebrate the bride-to-be, last night, Su Baby and I took her out for karaoke/buffet dinner at Red Box Ria and it was so much fun! Su surprised me big time! She is a really, really good singer! Meresap ke hati nyanyiannya. Kano is equally good with her versatility; when she sings ballads, lunaknya gaya Siti, come dangdut, it’s Iwan and when it’s rock kapak, she is a cross between (arwah) Along Spoon and Zamani. Hahaha. Tapi gua biasalah, I’m quite reserved when it comes to singing. Pemalulah konon. Hahaha. It was a good night out anyway :)

Still on singing, a quickie on AI: I really, really like David C's version of Hello! He emo-punked a very melancholic leleh song and he did it really well! And Michael Johns is back! He was totally rocking last night! David A was alright but he is not in my Top 3 this time but Castro the Hair is! Notice how he is in my Top 3 list every week? Deep inside, maybe I really like him! Hahaha! Oh as usual, click on the name to watch the performances.

Okay I'm going to wrap up this entry with this:
Some (ex) colleagues are merely people you (used to) work with,

but some, like Su and Kano, they "leave footprints
on your hearts and you are never, ever the same" :)

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