Saturday, March 29, 2008

Manusia semuanya tiada lepas seksa
Suka dan duka silih berganti
Sudah takdirNya Yang Maha Suci
Tetapi manusia seharusnya berusaha
Bahagia takkan datang sendiri
Jika manusia tiada cari

I know my last few entries have been pretty depressing. Thank you, gentle readers, for your kind words, and mostly, for bearing with me. Ngeee.

Fret not, it’s a happy one this time! My dad got promoted yesterday, my bakal suami got transferred to Semenanjung, my Little Bro got himself a girlfriend recently, I’m turning 26 tomorrow and getting married in less than a week - how can I not be happy! :)

Thanks to my girlfriends, who organized me a wonderful bridal party, saya kini merasa lebih tenang, content dan sungguh bahagia! Behold dear readers, some random merepek pictures ahead! (Merepek because the significant ones are censored lah kan. Hehehe)

Surprise surprise!

Oh it was also a birthday party! :) Did I say I’m turning 26? It was a typo. 16 sebenarnya. Ngeee. Like 16 is even legal to kahwin? Hahaha.

Love love love the bridal package! The red hot nightie dan semualah. Thank you, girls! And thank you, Far, for the gorgeous nightie (not in picture)!

The bride-to-be and her pengapit mempunyai dan memakai kasut yang sama! Naem dear, you’ve got good taste. Ngeee.

Nijoh me-manicure diriku. Seriously in dire need of one, my kekuku screamed, “Thank you, Kak Nijoh!” (Dengar tak, Nijoh?)

A portion of the naughty card; which reads, “Here’s a tip for you on your wedding day. Even in the most perfect marriage there will be times when you’re bound to argue, so to keep these times as pleasant as possible...”

Go figure. Hahaha.

Oh another good news! Our dearest Jaja is 7 weeks pregnant!!!

Much happiness. Pelangi selepas hujan, perhaps? Thank you, Allah :)

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