Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I'm going home
Back to the place where I belong
And where your love has always been enough for me

22 hari menjelang hari pernikahan, soalan yang paling kerap diajukan ialah bagaimana perasaan saya. Honestly I must say, at this point, most of the time, I feel rather indifferent. Kata Yunik, ia kerana saya memang naturally bukan seorang yang nervous. Owh babe, trust me, you don’t want to be around me when I’m nervous. And contrary to that belief, I do get nervous, only that most of the time, I get nervous about petty stuffs. When it comes to bigger matters, I prefer to remain mum about it; I believe talking about it will only make it more real. Heh.

How can I not be feeling indifferent? My everyday life is still about the same. Well, except for a few days last week, when I was overwhelmed with the idea of relocating to a Borneo land many miles away from home (I still get that tight feeling in my stomach every time I overthink about it. Ngeee)

Other than that, it is pretty much the same: wake up, breakfast with Ibu, go to Court, go to the office, go back home, watch TV, dinner with Ibu, sleep. Malam-malam ada lah kerja lain sikit, tulis kad dan letak setem. Itupun kad dah siap tied up with ribbon semua, all done by Ibu and her friends. Oh did I mention Ibu’s friends come to our house just about every day sekarang to help Ibu with the wedding preparation? Oh yes, they do. Hence the lack of work left to be done on my part. Alhamdulillah lah kan? :)

To those who have been asking how the preparation is going, I’ll give you a peek: Cards are ready (some have even been sent out). Haven’t done fitting for my reception dress, I don’t even know how far done it is. But it is in good hand, I believe. Ibu’s adik angkat who is a wedding tailor is doing it for me. For free! Yeay me! Nikah dress is ready (my Ibu sewed it) and I love it :) Bunga telur, bunga pahar, all done. Application Forms and its supporting documents are all ready to be submitted. Hiasan hantaran will be done by Ibu but the barang-barang, all bought. Pelamin, catering, canopy etc will be done by CT Catering; although we have yet to hold a proper meeting with the team, I believe the majlis is in good hand. Perkara kecil-kecil, kesemuanya diuruskan rakan-rakan Ibu. That leaves me with nothing much to do kan? InsyaAllah. Oh ya, saya belum ke spa dan facial. Perlu kan?

So that wraps up the answers for the questions mengenai perasaan dan persiapan. Now, every time I get asked the questions, I can simply say, read my blog for more comprehensive answers. Ngeeee.

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