Monday, March 10, 2008

Here's to matrimony, the high sea for which
no compass has yet been invented!
~ Heinrich Heine

As predicted, a sore win for BN. Negeri-negeriku Penang dan Selangor kini berada di bawah naungan Barisan Alternatif. Now that the Election is over, it is time for reality; work work work demi agama dan negara. I’d really like to see the BA impact on these 5 states. One thing for sure, there will be better 'check and balance' in this beloved country of ours. It will be interesting. Oh well, talking politics (with almost everyone) was fun while the Election lasted, but now, let’s talk about something closer to the heart, shall we?

[Updated at 6.50 p.m.: Go here for an interesting read. Although my political view is pretty moderate, I must confess that I'm a true fan of Tun M's work]

Anyways, on Saturday, we woke up at 4 a.m. and flew to KT for Hazri & Wahida’s wedding. Check out the kipas, peeps! Coolness lah Fokker plane!

Hazri and Wahida tied the knot in a lovely, private ceremony.
Look how happy and gorgeously radiant they are :)

Thanks to Far, our hostess for the day,
we managed to cram 3 days worth of vacation in one day!

A visit to the beach. Me likey the beach!

No visit to KT would be complete without shopping for batik at Pasar Payang and keropok lekor at Losong, dan kini, satu destinasi baru, Taman Tamadun Islam! I'm definitely coming back for the replicas!

A reunion! With the infamous '9 digits' Masjid Kristal in the background.

We even managed to squeeze in time for ikan celup tepung di
Teluk Ketapang 20 minutes before Check In time.
Look! Even the pengantin were there! Cool lah korang, beb!

And on Sunday, the fiancé and I with Su dan Suhail
convoyed to Jerantut for Kano’s wedding!

My dearest sister, looking super gorgeous in a gorgeous dress
with her gorgeous rings!

One with the crazy/beautiful bride.

One with the beautiful newlyweds.

One very fun (albeit a little tiring) weekend. Heartfelt events and good company; worth every bit of the money and the time spent :)

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