Monday, March 24, 2008

Everything is f***ed up straight from the heart
Tell me what do you do, when it all falls apart?
Gotta pick myself up, where do I start?

Did Anwar Ibrahim become suicidal after he was convicted for the heinous crime? No he didn’t. He made a come back and led the Barisan Alternatif to huge victory. Did Nicol David give up squash after having the world champion title taken away from her in 2007? No she didn’t. The Duracell Bunny is still fighting, stronger than ever. Did Janet Jackson shy away from fame after her infamous wardrobe malfunction? No she didn’t. She battled the critics and is now back with a chart topping album.

But me, the only thing that is keeping me from leaping off a building pagi ini was my fear of dosa kepada Allah. Something happened at the Court today, tidak terasa ingin share atau elaborate apa yang berlaku, hanya bahawa it is detrimental to the Client if not rectified. No one blamed me for what happened, not even the Boss or other lawyers who know about this. And now that the Client is still ignorant about this fact, I guess I am the only person blaming myself about this. Sungguh down di bawah bawah bawah sana.

Ya Rabbi Ya Karim, bantulah hambaMu yang hina ini. Sesungguhnya hambaMu ini sedar bahawa ini adalah dugaan kecil dalam hidup ini tetapi hambaMu ini merasa sungguh lemah tidak berdaya. Berikanlah kekuatan.

The only thing worse than being suicidal is feeling suicidal.

It was a day from hell. Sigh.

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