Monday, March 17, 2008

The little things you do to me are taking me over
I wanna show you everything inside of me
Like a nervous heart that is crazy beating

My busy weekend started as early as Friday evening. My car got hit by a bus! Langgar lari, okay?! I don’t know where I got the guts, but I chased after the bus (putting Impak Maksima racers to shame. Ngeee) and confronted the driver, bergaduh-gaduh sikit sambil dikerumuni jejaka-jejaka Indon who backed me up. Konon. Obviously he didn’t pay me (“Kasi angkat you kereta, kasi bawak saya office, kasi repair sana”) so I lodged a police report. The car now has an ugly dent dan cermin sisi sebelah kiri is a little retarded, but other than that, I am okay and all is well.

Anyways, the weekend was spent in Utara where my parents and I:
(a) attended Kano's second reception in Aloq Setaq;
(b) gathered with uncles, aunties and cousins for a lovely dinner in Kapitan;
(c) pekena nasik kandaq at Bapak's favourite (since childhood) spot;
(d) Shopped for CD lanun at Feringhi (Colbie Caillat's Coco is a fun spin!);
(e) went to saudara-mara's houses in Penang and Perak for what my mom calls 'adat memanggil', iaitu menjemput secara eyes to eyes, memberi efek yang lebih berat terhadap jemputan tersebut.

Some pictures from Kano's reception, where the people were teramat mesra, where the foods were lavish dan teramat sedap and where the bride is,
to date, the craziest/prettiest bride ever. Teehee.

Alololo shayang shangat!

Kano is what Far would describe as “campak dalam air, jadi ikan”. My mom (yes, the one in shocking pink) adores her to bits! She is practically her ‘anak angkat’ now. Tengoklah tu the bride and her silly antic. Comel, okay?!

Kimi's adorable little family, and by adorable, I'm referring only to
Hanany and Miza, ya Kimi?! Heh.

Sesi tayang cincin. Kakak, Ibu suka amat cincin kamu!

Apa yang dapat saya simpulkan ialah negeri-negeri Pulau Pinang, Kedah dan Perak yang kini di bawah pentadbiran Barisan Rakyat masih seperti sebelumnya. Aman, damai dan masih tempat yang saya sukai. D'oh?!

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