Wednesday, February 20, 2008

"Even I don't wake up looking like Cindy Crawford"
~ Cindy Crawford, on loving your own skin.

A cousin of mine is getting married this Saturday and she asked me to do her make up for Nikah ceremony. Say what? Hahaha.

I did her sister’s make up for Nikah and groom’s side a while ago and although I know nothing, nada, zero, zilch about make up, I did it as a favour dan tidak pernahlah menjangka akan begitu disukai sehingga dipromosi kepada adiknya pula dengan mengatakan, I quote, “Cantik sangat Yanti mekap. Simple and sweet.” Hahaha ‘cantik sangat’, okay? Geng aku mesti gelak pecah perut, terutama Mazia the make up guru. Heh.

Mengapa perkara ini kelakar? Kerana although I read fashion magazine, I know nothing about how to do shading or face contouring albeit desperately wishing I do. I don’t even own a proper make up set (come my wedding day, I will, thanks to bakal Kakak Ipar who bought one in London as one of my hantarans. Yeay! Watch out Mazia. Haha). I don’t even own a mascara and the lipstick I have (which I very rarely use) was my mom’s. If it is up to me, I’d rather go barefaced everywhere but I do use some of the basic stuffs, bagi menjaga kebajikan diri dan pihak-pihak lain. Ngeee.

[Gambar selingan - Fiance & I. Look at me! All barefaced! Haha]

But I guess when you have cousins whose idea of make up is bedak bayi, you’d be seen like some sort of make up guru lah kot. Ngeeee. Wish me luck!

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