Monday, December 17, 2007

When the last one falls
When it's all said and done
It gets hard but it wont take away my love

I am supposed to be on a job interview (a job I really wanted once!) by now but I decided not to go. Malaslah nak cerita mengapa. Huhu. Anyways, the weekend was good and very relaxing. Bought some stuffs for the wedding, with dearest Bapak as the Main Sponsor and dearest Ibu as (of course) the Executive Decision Maker. Heh. Fun indeed.

Aawh! Can Jude Law’s character in The Holiday be any more perfect?! Eurgh! And it doesn’t help that he is impossibly handsome with impossibly sexy accent. Romantic Comedy fans, The Holiday is another must-watch!

Huhu if Jac was not going to grab the Asian Idol title, I was hoping that the India Idol would win; he’s too cute and he sings beautifully! But I guess Hady is alright; he got the package. Jac, you’re still our favourite Idol!

Eurgh! Saya jaki dengan tunang saya. Dia menonton Dewa 19 Concert in Kuching semalam. Benci tau. Eh what’s up with Yassin itu? He told MRI that “tahap mentaliti/penerimaan masyarakat Malaysia terhadap muzik masih di tahap rendah” simply because we are 'obsessed' with Indonesian music. Apakah? Good music is good music. It doesn’t matter who the singer is, who makes the song or where it was produced. If you’re good, you’re good lah. Period. So stop complaining and blaming the masyarakat and start making good music like Faizal Tahir did. Haa kan aku dah marah.

The only thing not fun about weekends is when it ends. Eurgh! Am looking forward for my long leave next week. Woohoo! Okaylah, have a good Monday, people! Don’t let the Monday blues bug bites you!

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