Monday, December 10, 2007

Fly me to the moon
And let me play among the stars

Today would be so much better enjoyed if I was not attacked by massive flu all day long. Letih seh. Kano and I took leave and together with my Ibu, we went on a baju kahwin hunt! Best kan kalau tak selesema? Sigh. Selesema aside, we managed to find a boutique yang memuaskan hati, bersama baju yang cantik di mata kami, MURAH dan memuaskan hati, near to (my) home. Hopefully this is it! Wahai hati, tetaplah wahai kamu.

Anyways, here’s another fun weekend frozen in pictures:

Makan-makan tak henti-henti when we need to be on diet

Contributed to the McDonald’s Drive Thru Challenge

Attended a lovely couple’s lovely aqad ceremony

Look at the groom - oh so happy!

Look at the bride and the pelamin - oh so gorgeous!

Watched Enchanted; oh so enchanting indeed! Amat terasa in love selepas menontonnya. A must watch for every hopeless romantic!

Revisited the Alma matter! Fun lah pula!

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