Friday, November 23, 2007

Our lives are made in these small hours.
These little wonders. These twists & turns of fate.

In life so many things to do
And, yes, so many things to say,
I know I can and I really wish
That I also do a simple thing today.
Let me help quench thirst of someone -
Be it a friend, a stranger, or even a dog,
Let me help carry someone his burden:
a box, a load or log.
Let me bring comfort to someone
Or be a helping hand, perchance,
From the road, if I come across,
Let me remove a thorny branch.
Let me speak a hopeful word
Or help someone find his way,
All the things that I do in a day,
O my Lord, let me do a simple thing today.

Photo Credit: Sweetheart.
Poem Credit: Dr. Mohammad Omar Farooq

Simple things bring me pleasure. As of this week, they include: Wedding invitations from friends. My Court applications being allowed. Mr. Irritating on medical leave for almost the whole week. Early morning calls from the Sweetheart. The Boss being away for 2 days. Watching good movies on ASTRO with Little Bro. Chatting with Ibu after a long day at work. Good books/magazines. Clean toilet. Reading positive people’s blogs. Other people’s wedding pictures. Meeting Kano twice for lunch. Funny comic strip in the newspaper. Jobs finished in due time. The arrival of Friday :)

Have a blessed Friday and a good weekend, people!

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