Monday, November 26, 2007

Mungkin aku pernah juga merasakan cinta
Tapi tak pernah seindah ini

Dear readers, I’ve added a few people/things to some of my lists recently:

(1) After his heartfelt, powerful performances at Semi Final AJL 2007, Faizal Tahir deserves a place in my Must Buy Original Album List. And honestly, I have nothing bad to say about his power slide. What's the hullabaloo?

Drew Barrymore is now in my Obsession List, simply because after watching The Perfect Catch (which by the way, is a must watch), I realized that I am a fan of almost all of her works. She is a doll!

Rafael Nadal is recently added to my Eye Candy List, joining the lots of Timothy Oliphant, Ryan Reynold, McDreamy, Clive Owen, Mike Delfino, Ebi Kornelis, (Take That Era) Robbie Williams, Ryan Gosling, Vivek Oberoi and too many lah to be listed. Ngeee.

(4) Cecilia Ahern’s A Place Called Here and the controversial novel Girls From Riyadh are in my Book Wish List. Tiada sesiapakah bermurah hati?

(5) Do you know
Aliff Aziz? I bet you don’t. This Singaporean singer’s song Sayang Sayang is now a hit on Suria FM; and while I was searching for that particular song on Esnips, I found his whole album there; man, I was hooked! He is now in my What A Lovely Voice! List.

Have a good day, people! Permulaan saya untuk minggu ini bagus sekali; went minum-minum with Nijoh, Elin etc after our Court cases and now am feeling good :D Yeay. Oh, and, congratulations to
Puan Chics! Yeay!

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