Sunday, October 28, 2007

Ayer Mata di Kuala Lumpur

Yesterday was a tiring day; flashing (most of the times, fake) smiles all day long, menjadi penyambut tetamu for few hours [in high heels!] dan menjadi impromptu pengapit at my cousin’s wedding. Adehla letih. Anyways, congrats to another newlyweds, Bon and Zimah. Daud and I will be at your Subang reception next week, insyaAllah.

P. Ramlee The Musical! Wow. I’m in no position to write a review but I must say that I really enjoyed the show and the props were amazing. Seats kami di hadapan sekali maka segalanya begitu jelas! Thanks again, dear Su for (80% of) the ticket (price).

(L) Young P. Ramlee played by a very talented young actor and Young Azizah played by (MyStarz LG talent) Rachel. Cuteness.

(R) Dato’ Siti Nurhaliza [as Azizah], albeit appearing for only (about) 15 minutes, sang breathtakingly.

(L) Picture - P. Ramlee in the (very believable) train, on his way from Penang to Singapore. Sean Ghazi, although lacking the charm and persona of the legend himself, showed why he is the Sean Ghazi dengan lontaran mantap vokalnya (as both penyanyi dan pelakon).

(R) Oh I so adore Atilia as Junaidah! Suara yang sangat sangat merdu dan lakonan yang berjaya menerbitkan emosiku. I like lah.

(L) Melissa Saila as Norizan. Wow. Need I say more? Sememangnya sungguh hebat dan meruntun emosi.

(R) Liza Hanim as Saloma was believable dan suaranya, waduh waduh, suaranya was flawlessly beautiful.

But I think the stealer of the show was the extras. They were all very, very committed, walau sekecil manapun watak. All in all, it was in my humble, unlearned opinion, a very, very commendable tribute to the legend :)

Pictures are from here. Much thanks.

Wow. So much for being ‘in no position to write a review’, eh? Ngeee. A long Monday tomorrow; with few Court attendances and meetings :(

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