Friday, August 03, 2007

“Is that why you help people? The weird feeling in your stomach?”
~ Randy to Earl, in My Name is Earl.

Am not in the mood to write. Heck, am not in the mood for anything but I need to do something to increase my chirpiness level, so here goes, will rant and share some trivial lagha facts yang berlegar2 dalam sistemku with you:

(1) You know you’re really approaching the time of the month when you cry watching Avril’s When You’re Gone music video.

(2) I think whoever came up with the idea for
My Name Is Earl is a genius. Marilah click here to play the Karma Quiz.

(3) I finally have the answer to the question: “Which reality tv show are you most likely to be part of?” It is
The Apprentice: Martha Stewart. The show is so much fun! But I think Martha is scary. That uptight look on her! Coo coo!

(4) I think Ja Rule has the sexiest voice. Mark Sloan too.

(5) And
Shonda Rhimes, she is an absolute genius. Do you know that she was named as one of the Time 100 people who help shape the world?!

And in the spirit of Jumaat penghulu segala hari, am sharing something the Boss’ PA forwarded to me yesterday. Click
here and marilah memperbaiki mutu solat! Have a blessed Friday and a good weekend, semua!

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