Wednesday, August 01, 2007

"When the well is dry, we learn the worth of water"
~ Benjamin Franklin

Someone just told me the weirdest thing. I was refilling my bottle with some plain water when the tea lady asked me:

TL: AM, betul ke kalau minum banyak air kosong boleh gemuk?
AM: Apa? Siapa cakap? Taklah. Kalau air manis, possible lah.
TL: Budak2 clerk ni haa. Tak minum air langsung. Katanya boleh buncit.
AM: Air kosong?! Air kosong lah bagus. Tak betullah Kak. Bahaya sungguh tak minum air kosong.

Jangan minum air kosong to prevent bloated tummy? That is like the weirdest diet formula I’ve ever heard. Because as far as I know, plain water is good. Unless you’re hypothermic lah kan. So I did some googling, kot-kotlah betul tanggapan mereka. And here’s something I found yang cukup untuk menyanggah pendapat mereka:

Why should you drink water?

It is an essential nutrient and makes up > 60% of adult body weight
(b) It is needed for all body functions, such as nutrient digestion, absorption, transport, and metabolism
(c) It aids in body-temperature maintenance
(d) It is vital to electrolyte balance
(e) Water contains no calories or fat
(f) May help with weight loss by acting as a natural appetite suppressant
(g) Prevents complications from dehydration, such as headache or fatigue
(h) May benefit people with respiratory diseases by thinning mucous secretions that worsen asthma
(i) May help people who experience recurrent urinary tract infections by increasing their urine flow
(j) May help reduce cancer risk of the colon, kidneys, bladder.

To have a read on the research done by University of Michigan, click
here. Alahaai kakak-kakak, minumla plain water. Buncit tu sebab lain tu.

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