Tuesday, July 17, 2007

"If you want me to respect you,
you have to do something worth respecting"
-Izzie Stevens, Grey's Anatomy

Apek Cobbler bawah Sogo itu dah 3 kali buat pasal dengan aku, the events are inter alia the followings:

(1) Back in 2006 during my chambering year - Refusal to mend my Court shoes, his reason being that the shoes was beyond mending which is ridiculous as one cobbler in Jalan Raja managed to mend it afterwards.
(2) Last week – Refusal to let me sit while waiting for him to change my heels, notwithstanding the 4 empty stools.
(3) Today – Refusal to mend my Court shoe heel, his reason being (again) the heel is beyond mending which is (again) ridiculous as I managed to patch it up with an RM2 gam gajah afterwards.

Encik cobbler, sila jangan berniaga jika tidak mahu berniaga. Dahla mahal cekik darah. Where have all the street side cobblers in Jalan TAR gone to?!

On another note, here are some comel quotes I want to share with you.

From That 70’s Show:
Kelso to Eric: Angie is so pretty, looking at her is like looking at, errr.. something else pretty.
Eric: Well said.

From Grey’s Anatomy:
Yang to Meredith: You know if you want to thank me, errm.. you can ask Derek if Burke has had any tremors?
Meredith: Talk to him.
Yang: No, because then he wins.
Meredith: Wins what?!

From CLEO magazine:
CLEO: What brings a smile to your face?
Fendi X-Factor: Another smile.

From Everybody Loves Raymond:
Raymond to Debra: Marriage is a mutual using of each other.

Hahaha. Cute, eh? Have a good day, people! Zzzzzzzzz.

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