Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Music expresses that which cannot be said
and on which it is impossible to be silent
~ Victor Hugo

Mr. Sweetheart complains about how ‘too nice’ (to put it politely) Kuching drivers are. Bapak complains about how ‘too bold’ (also, to put it politely) Penang drivers are. Ibu and I complain (all the time) about how unruly Banting drivers are – lorry drivers yang perasan lori mereka laju dan suka drive on the right side of the road - kereta yang bergerak 20 km/h tapi juga, drive on the right side - motor yang suka zig-zag-zig-zag - kenderaan2 yang suka buat sudden break. Memang menguji kesabaran dan kekuatan jantung.

Enough whining. I was tagged by Ayaq, of which the rules are:
- Go to
this website.
- On the left side, choose the year you turn 18, click.
- Get yourself nostalgic over the songs of the year.
- Write something about how those songs affected you.
- Pass it on to 5 or more friends of yours.

I turned 18 in 2000. Apparently, tidak banyak sangat listed songs yang nostalgic to me. Cuma Graduation by Vitamin C, for the reason shared by many. Tapi lagu-lagu ini, I like lah:

With Arms Wide Open - Creed
I Think I'm In Love With You - Jessica Simpson
Higher - Creed
I Wanna Know - Joe
Amazed - Lonestar
Bent - Matchbox Twenty

Done! I'm tagging
Ayunique, Asni, Blossom, Dina Honey, FarahLaily, FutsalBabe, Ieja, Leeds, Reena, Wafaa, Zura, Yatt & sesiapalah. (Tagging berdasarkan konsep tangkap muat - tidak mahu lakukannya, tak mengapa)

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