Monday, April 23, 2007

It is sweet to let the mind unbend on occasion

Like Chics, I am not going to pretend to be cool and what not by not admitting that I am an avid watcher of AF. Tapi itu memang korang tahu kan? But here's my confession: I watch AF dari 1st season sampai the latest one without fail (and without reason). Haha. Bite me. Oh and I am so frustrated when I found out from that tiket minggu ke-7 is sold out. On Monday?! There sure are a lot of me out there. Takpelah, ajak Mr.Sweetheart pergi Pesta Buku lagi bagus. Book lovers unite this 27/4-6/5!

Anyways, disebabkan PMS, gua merajuk tak mahu kerja seketika, gua (dah cari and) nak share clips of my favourite performances bagi setiap minggu AF5 yang dah berlalu dengan lu orang (thanks to YouTube!) Enjoice!

Konsert 1
Kau Pergi Jua - Heliza - Watch
Heliza here

Konsert 2
Biarkan Aku Menangis - Farha - Watch
Farha here
Basket Case - Aizat - Watch
Aizat here

Konsert 3
Al Jannah - Ebi - Watch
Ebi here

Konsert 4
Benci Tapi Rindu - Mila - Watch
Mila here
Kasihnya Laila - Ebi - Watch
Ebi here

Konsert 5
Hindi song, by All (individually, they all sucked in week 5) - Watch
them here

Konsert 6
Drama - Mila - Watch
Mila here
Perpisahan - Aizat - Watch
Aizat here

No prize for guessing who my favourite contestants are. Heh. Tapi, guess lah!

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