Tuesday, March 06, 2007

We're all sensitive people with so much to give.
Understand me, sugar, since we got to be.
Let's live. I love you.

X: You know, isteri ****** **** (a lecturer) is a stewardess. Cun.
Me: Ye ke?
X: Eh apa you ni? Semua cerita pasal lecturers you tak tau. You tak pernah borak2 dengan diorang ke?
Me: Tak. My relationship with lecturer was purely academic sahaja.
X: Really? Then how you bodek?
Me: Tak bodeklah.
X: Tak bodek? Then how was your result? Okay ke?
Me: Okay je.

The above conversation took place with a new friend/senior in UiTM while waiting for the Court to start. Apparently, that was how some people got through law school with flying colours. Hmmm. Alhamdulillah, despite our (Far& I) couldn’t-care-less-attitude, kitorang okay. Perlu eh bodek?!

Oh on AI. I only got to watch sikit2, here and there. But Jared oh Jared. I especially like this one review about his performance I read in the forum section of the official website. Here goes: “Next comes Jared, who was unapologetically going for the female vote with his unbuttoned suit and choice of the Love Master himself, Marvin Gaye's love anthem "Let's Get It On.” For the most part, I think it worked. He made a big step up in both the voice and the charisma department.” Teehee.

The litigation department is now officially divided into 2 dan aku diserapkan ke general litigation team with 2 other lawyers and 2 partners, which means, no more retail/bulk files. AND in the partners’ words: “more work”, “more demanding”, “longer hours of work”, “I believe all of you can cope”, “we have faith in you”, “better fees which means more demanding clients”, “be physically and mentally prepared”, etc etc. Huhuhu gentar. Wish me luck!

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