Thursday, October 12, 2006

Nobody can give you wiser advice than yourself

5 things you should not have to endure during PMS

(1) Kisah-kisah yang tidak menyenangkan yang melibatkan anda dan gurauan kasar yang kurang enak didengar;

(2) Petty conversation with your sweetheart about weather which leads to you being tak puas hati (Read: I got furious with Sweetheart for disagreeing with me that it is not haze, it is air pollution. He said there are no difference);

(3) Having to prepare a submission for the boss when you are malas and already on your holiday mood and prefer to bake kuih and kek raya;

(4) Having to listen to your parents bicker about who should call and wait for the wireman; and

(5) Having to walk ke sana ke mari in your skirt and heels in the haze (yes, Sweetheart).

5 remedies for PMS

(1) Your loving, understanding boyfriend;

(2) Spending time with your (favourite) crazy colleagues;

(3) Listening to your mom speaks Malay with Chinese slang (Ibu does this when she is in a good mood. Like, almost all the time. She is half-Chinese anyway);

(4) Remind yourself that there are a lot of more, more unfortunate people around you (Read: e.g. recent tragedy of landslide); and look at you, you have a roof on top of your head, glorious foods, amazing parents, adoring boyfriend, great friends. Why complain? Ngeh ngeh; and *drum roll*

(5) Watch Grey’s Anatomy and drool over O’Malley (Yes, I like him. He is adorable and super nice and he totally adore Meredith), Meredith’s pretty hair dan pastinyalah kan, the balakness of Dr. Shepherd. Phewww.

Selamat mencuba!

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